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Members' reserves discussions - Wiki

Yes, my furlough has just been cancelled, so distracting may prove impossible - she’ll have to accept the delivery!


The T&C’s relevant to your concerns are:

3.3.2. A rental invoice and inventory detailing the products held in Members’ Reserves will be sent to members once a year. This will be sent either by post, in the form of a paper invoice or a member will be emailed with a link to this information on the website.
3.3.3. Payment of the invoice must be received in full within 21 days from the date of the annual invoice.
3.3.4. If notice to withdraw products (for delivery or collection) is received within 21 days of the date of a member’s annual invoice, the advance annual charge for those wines is not payable.
3.3.5 The Reserve rental charge is invoiced annually in advance. If wines are placed into Reserves or withdrawn from Reserves part-way through the rental year, you will not be charged or credited for the part-year storage.

In the past the invoice date has been the first work day of the month. It seems that you have 21 days from the invoice date to notify them of a withdrawal.

Suspicous eyes! You have to be kidding. She almost certainly has your login info and checks (“the family”) reserves regularly.