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By the way, the rental charges have increased to GBP 9.xx per annum…:sweat:

but when you buy a case and put it in reserves, the automatic email still says
"We’re proud to offer one of the lowest-cost Reserves services in the UK. The annual rental charge is £8.64 per case which includes VAT " :thinking:

Whaaa… I’m going bankrupt in the Summer :sob:

I think though that charges are adjusted for withdrawals in billing month…

indeed, but you need to contact them:

“Should you wish to withdraw any of the above wines and avoid any further charges, please
contact us on 01438 741177 or visit thewinesociety.com/reserves within 21 days
of the date of this invoice.”

I’ve always seen a retroactive adjustment of my overall balance for those withdrawals without having to notify or intervene - I wonder if the approach has changed?

you are right, maybe the contact is in case you wish to withdraw without using the website

Isn’t this the rate if you pay by DD? I think payment by card is slightly higher. But might be wrong.

nope, the difference has been eliminated I think

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You’re right! So the website had been updated, but not the automatic email. Good to know!

Oh dear! Thanks for that very good spot - I’m just reporting this now so we can make sure the automated email lists the correct amount.

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I’ve just made the fatal error … got the month of reserves renewal wrong…invoice arrived ! ho hum

My invoice is I think July, but moved whatever I wanted to now to avoid doing it in the heatwave.

I think you have a week or two to pull things out and have the invoice adjusted before it’s due

good to know, thanks

couple of the cases can stay for most of this year anyway…and im running out of room at home so not the worst thing thats happened this week

So, it’s the first year I’ve had reserves hidden from suspicious eyes, upon which I need to pay an annual fee.

My Reseves section states: “Your invoice month for payment of reserve rental charges is June

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have a couple of questions:

  • If I want to avoid charges, do I need to remove everything before 1st June or the 30th of the month?

  • If the EP stuff which was due to arrive in spring of this year (more than I realised, actually) turns up halfway through the month, am I liable to pay for them on my rental invoice? It’s not here yet and I’m hoping to be dreadfully sneaky/lucky and avoid the fees for another year :flushed:

Thanks very much in anticipation of your assistance.

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Mine was May, I had an invoice at the beginning of the month, I have now withdrawn some wine and asked this question of members services. I can withdraw up to the end of May, then they adjust the invoice.
Their email:-
The system will automatically calculate and refund for any cases which get withdrawn, this happens at the end of the month, once this is done, you are able to pay the remainder.

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Thanks @Russ, makes sense. Just hope the EP gubbins doesn’t all turn up on the 30th!

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My understanding (which may be completely wrong) is that you are only charged for wine in storage on June 1 (so if EP wine arrives after that it won’t be added), but that there’s some leeway to remove wine after that and have the charge removed for what you’re withdrawn.

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You’ll get advance notification before the bill and it will give you a period during which you can withdraw wines to avoid the full year fee.

Exciting times, a time of year I always look forward to (though suspicious eyes may need distracting!)

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Oh I told “her” they were all from reserves even the mystery case. Not sure it worked “she” can see inside your soul😜