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Reserves wishlist

Please add yours.

  • More flexibility with adding wines from the list. E.g. 6 bottles when wines are sold in 12s.
  • TWS should consider buying L&W… I think it is for sale
  • Single bottle multiples for purchases, storage and withdrawal
  • Option to purchase all/more wines as either DP or IB
  • Withdrawal of IB wines by the bottle (splitting the case)
  • Differentiated withdrawal terms based on price per bottle or total annual storage use/spend
  • ability to sell excess back to WS or by transfer to other members (price set by WS)
  • ability to transfer in wines stored/bought at other merchants

Wholeheartedly agree.

I’m happy to store 1, 2 or 3 bottles per wine that I want to collect or follow; I assume this is the opposite of a traditional approach to laying down wine, but it’s a lot more fun as you go along…

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I’d say Lay & Wheeler’s storage is the best in the market place at the moment. I’m currently storing 358 bottles with just a single of some wines, up to three cases of others.

Delivery to Majestic for free is something I am worried about if/when a sale happens, however.

The only possible gripe is that it can sometimes take a while landing bottles from other suppliers but that’s never personally been an actual issue for me.

If WS modeled their storage on Lay and Wheeler’s they would not go far wrong.

Just my 2p


The aspect here that no one has commented on…is the Lay & Wheeler model profitable or is it a technique to entice you in as a customer? And as you say…what will happen when they can’t internally ship your goods to a shop ?

Having been involved in a business with warehousing, it is not as easy as ‘just putting some bottles somewhere until the customer asks for them’

I toured the BBR warehouse in Basingstoke; every single “location” in the warehouse has a list detailing who’s wine is in there, order number etc. and their’s is case based storage. I understand its for several reasons including ownership, insurance, HMRC liability etc

If people would be willing to pay ‘the real cost’ of this service at TWS - if the answer is yes, then it should be looked at


I must say that I fear for L&W in the majestic/Naked shambles. I have withdrawn all my reserves from them!

The Lay & Wheeler business is, as a whole, proifitable.

The very good storage and delivery conditions offered are available to people who pay monthly into the Cellar Circle plan. That’s somewhat like the Cellar Plans TWS offers. This no doubt susidises it since L&W make margin on the wine. The storage only has to break even. For me the storage deals make Cellar Circle membership a no brainer but YMMV.

L&W storage is Vinotheque so it’s not exactly like they’re “put somewhere until someone wants them”. Operationally, it’s very slick. I request a withdrawal online of any amount of bottles I want and then a few days later I get a call from my local Majestic to say they’re available to pick up. I could have them, delivered to my home for free too becuase I do the L&W Cellar Circle.

If the internal shipping to Majestic falls by the wayside I’ll just have them delivered to my house for free instead. If they stop that too, I’d probably transfer to BBR who don’t charge for delivery of full cases but do charge if you withdraw part cases.

Each business has to do what it thinks is right for the clients it serves and what they demand. I’m sure TWS would offer the service if they can make it profitable - or indeed break even.


Its self-fulfilling.

I guess I would divert a large proportion of ex-TWS spend from L&W to TWS if they offered single bottle storage and delivery.

I would also be more likely to increase my average bottle spend.


I think that’s absolutely true. But hard to find out the impact until they trial it. Or maybe they have? I’m new so don’t really know.

I am reading this exchange with interest. We are currently looking at all options for our reserves proposition. Our current research suggests that Members look for great storage conditions at a great price. Increasingly we are being asked to provide more flexibility and provide storage for all members reserves, whether TWS or not. All options are being considered.
At present we charge £8.64 per case per year. This is by some distance the cheapest in the market. If I may be cheeky for a moment. Lay and Wheeler charge £10.32 for Direct debit payment and £13.44 for other payment methods. If I were being malevolent, I could point out that differential charging for payment methods was outlawed some time ago, but, of course, I am not that malevolent !


I believe they must be allowed to charge less for direct debit as all the utility companies etc. all keep telling me how much I would save on direct debit (at least the ones that I’m not already on dd with). I think it was only the separate pricing for credit versus debit card that was outlawed.

Also L&W are actually now £10.63 per case per year on dd and £13.84 non dd. What is interesting though is that even their super cheap Cellar Plan rate is still higher than TWS’s; £10 versus TWS £8.64.

But… they do offer that greater level of flexibility.


significantly greater


L&W also allow IB cases to be split - I’ve gone so far as to transfer IB from TWS to L&W in order to withdraw the odd bottle from a whole case.


No charge to land from other merchants is another huge plus point.


I think the main thing is that there is a choice… Any solution has its strengths and weaknesses, if I can get the best combination from many that works for me. TWS, L&W, BBR etc. will figure out what works for them.


Thanks for the feedback and info

Obviously everyone looks for great storage at great prices… its just what does “great storage” look like for each member?

It could be argued that there is a premium to be paid for single bottle / part case storage given the administration is (virtually) the same as for a full case but amortised over a lower number of bottles.

Likewise a premium to be paid for mixed case storage given that each bottle will need to be individually entered

It’s certainly an area of growth as, like someone has already said, people are growing collections but not growing places to store it.

I await with interest.


thread resurrection

do you know when in the month is the reserves rental bill issued?
Mine is due this month so am curious about the cutoff date for the bottles count :smiley:

Thank you

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Mine is April so I’ve cleared a few cases out as theres quite a few to land in “Spring”. Try the online chat option tomorrow to enquire, that’s probably your best option .

it is not urgent anyway… I can wait to spend more money on more bottles to lay down :joy:


the bill just arrived now!
I believe it takes into account the inventory on the last day of the month preceding the “billing” month.