Member's Mixed 6 Case

I tried to put together a second six. Went back to the original post and discovered that most of them are the same. At least I’m consistent!

I’ll try and do a “not that six six” when I’m a little more alive.


Can I draw member’s attention to the above?


Only if you also give us your Mixed 6.


On the face of it dead easy… but actually turns out to be VERY challenging. Nice one Winestwit.

Front and centre can only be TWS Brut champagne - I challenge anyone to omit, even if it means knocking the 6 case down to 5.

TWS have a bewildering selection of Beaujolais - and this is the best, benefiting from bottle age (in my opinion) Domaine Dominique Piron, Chénas Quartz 2016.

Third: always tricky & another red: Cahors Petit Clos, Clos Triguedina 2016 maybe, but needs a few more years. Feel free to substitute a Weinert Cavas de Weinert Mendoza 2009.

The Liberator ‘The Good, The Bad and The Sangiovese’, a risk at 2003 so might be awful, but last weekend it was superb - 17 y/o and everything you could wish for in a really mature red wine.

Magnum of Samuel Billaud, Chablis Les Grands Terroirs 2017. Actually I would prefer to buy the single bottle - but it’s out of stock - so I have use a Magnum to cover ‘2 bottles’ in the list. It’s that good.


I am predominantly a lover of red wine. In compiling this list I have surprised myself in that half the list are white wines!

Wine no 1 Ponte de Lima Loureiro, Vinho Verde 2019 I have bought so many cases of this wine this year. It’s crisp, fresh and such good value. My partner is South African Portugese. We have drunk this wine so many times at restaurants on holiday in Porto. It’s amazing to be able to buy it from TWS at such a great price.

My next choice Terroir des Chateaux Forts Domaine Rolly Gassmann 2016 was part of an educational purchase to try some Austrian whites. I only got around to drinking by the time it was out of stock. It was on sale on BBR about three months ago so I bought a couple of cases for reserves.

Bottle no 3 would have to be Springfield Estate Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc Robertson 2017 My sister-in-law’s favourite white wine. Hopefully by adding to my list it may somehow miraculously fall back onto Jo Locke’s radar and back in stock.

My fourth bottle would have to be Barbeito Rainwater Reserve 50cl I had forgotten about this until looking at my My Wines list for this list. I discovered it at a TWS tasting. Fabulous it is still in stock. I will definitely be adding one to my pre Christmas order.

My fifth wine would have to come from my favourite region, Bordeaux. I have worked my way around the regions re a favourite region. I think first having Segla at a posh restaurant in a boutique spa hotel opened my eyes to the wonder of Margaux and Segla in particular. It’s brilliant that TWS often stock it(and it’s on the EP list) I’m hoping it will be on the Christmas list.

My sixth wine Bohorquez Ribera del Duero 2009 was another one I only got around to drinking after it was out of stock and liked it so much I even contacted the winery to try find out where else I could buy it from. TWS now have the 2010 in stock. I have bought a case for reserves. I did see the 2007 on a shopping list at Vinissimus on this chat board and bought some for Christmas consumption.

Thanks for starting this thread! I’ve really enjoyed going through my wine list and reminding myself what I really liked and haven’t had for a while.



You mean Alsatian, I think…? :wink:

Btw, totally agree about the Barbeito Rainwater! I tried it at a local wine tasting last Christmas, and it was a revelation! A really unique Madeira. I try and ensure there’s always one in the house :+1:


And at £14 a bottle is an absolute steal!

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Indeed it is - and a reminder to ordered another 6 before it vanishes - in terms of price vs maturity it’s unbeaten. I imagine this is one of those ‘never to be repeated’ unicorn wines.

==> I did include a bottle of this in my order and am looking forward to trying it tonight - can’t wait!

Waving goodbye to 2020 with a mix of ESW, Italian red, French white and antipastis - our neighbours know their food and wine.

Hello to a Euro&UK 2021.


Having just commented on a thread about Vacqueyras Blanc Vieilles Vignes, Clos des Cazaux and ordered some Blau Montsant and Zorzal Graciano, all of which were in my original case that inspired the thread, I thought I’d resurrect it for another go! I found it more difficult than last time because so many things which I wanted to put in are sold out!

Kicking off with what has already become one of my all time favourites. I’ve gotten through a case of it already and have several more in reserves (which as someone who seldom buys who cases of the same thing is pretty unheard of!). It does everything it does in spades and at £15 a bottle is just insane.

I’ll caveat this with it not being the vintage of this I’ve actually tried, but if the 16 is anything to go by this is an absolute treat! I love this wine. It needs a good long decant but it manages to be both rich an elegant at the same time and is an absolute treat. Another one that I am genuinely shocked isn’t at least a fiver more.

Ignoring the various threads we’ve had on what is and isn’t correct with pizza, the blurb on this is correct. It is a near perfect pizza wine. It’s also more than that in that it’s a great summer smasher lightly chilled on a hot day and interesting enough to go with loads of other stuff or on its own. Not the most taxing, but high on joy bringing.

A serious change of gear in terms of price. This wine saved Christmas dinner. That is of course a lie, thanks to the farce of having everything cancelled by our dear leader with two days notice no bottle of wine could save Christmas dinner. However, it more than made up for the panic bought Batailley being corked and was a sublime bottle of wine. (OK, it was the 2015 rather than this, but still!).

Another one I’ve not had the vintage of, and I’m slightly more weary of recommending, as from most reports, despite the words “2018 is a worthy follow-on to the lauded 2017.” apparently from several reports this isn’t true. The '17 was a great wine, the '18 is still good, but not as good as the '17 was. I’ll probably still grab a bottle with my next order.

Finally, I know there’s a contingent on here that think Madeira is for steak sauce and nothing else. You’re wrong. It is delicious. This one (which has been recommended by several others on here) is particularly delicious. Drier than most Madeiras but still nutty, honeyed and with bags of dried fruits, this is nom.

Anyone else fancy another go? (or a go for that matter!).


Wonderful selection :clap:

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OK, I’ll take this on. It’s tough though as you have already bagged some of my recent top buys/intended re-buys!

So, as days shorten and this so-called summer fades, my thoughts turn to richer food & more robust wines. This is easy going for a Madiran, a great vintage and in my opinion a bargain:

The Ode d’Aydie won’t need 10 more years in the cellar, but another 2 or 3 probably wouldn’t hurt. So how about one that’s definitely good to go? 16 years of age for >£11!?

Haven’t tried this, but it sounds promising and from the 2016 vintage should be good to go.

Because there are still a few BBQing weekends, and sometimes you just need a bit of a blockbuster:

I always like to have some Pinot Gris in the house, it’s just so versatile and goes well with a lot of the food we eat:

Another great food-oriented wine with some bottle age, this looks a bit special:

I may have talked myself into another purchase here.


Oooh. Good choices.

I wish I’d seen that mature Madiran before I put my last order in! I do have a bottle of the Chianti on its way though.



The 2004 seems to have been on the list for years - I’ve just looked it up & I bought one in 2018 and it cost me almost £2.50 more! Might be a bit of a lottery now, but the one I had was superb. Clearly a bit of a niche product.


I thought that I would give this thread a shot!!
Sorry if I am being “Master of the bleedin’ obvious,” but leopards do not change… :rofl:

If you have not tried this bottle, you have no idea how good Red Rhone can be, at this price point!

And from the same Domaine, but 2 steps up - this one will make your eyes bleed RED!! :wink:

I bought the Galeyrand Retraits 2015 last year and it was gorgeous.
I resent paying around £40 for a bottle of Red Burgundy, having gotten used to paying under £30 for top notch Pataille, my problem is that I bought Galeyrand, Perrault and now Fabien Coche on @Toby’s recommendation.
I vowed to myself that when the next Retraits was offered to us, I would taste it.
I discovered pure, unadulterated pleasure in the bottle of 2017, and kicking and screaming I bought a case of 12. The pain of purchase will probably dissipate sometime next year :open_mouth:, but I will still have maybe 10 of the bottles remaining.
So when the 2019 arrives - buy some, because William Kelley of Robert Parker gave it a great write-up. Nudge, nudge, :wink:, :wink:
You will not be able to say, that you were not told :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!

I adore Bollinger, that is no secret- so this selection should be no surprise.
And this Rose is a terrific food wine.
Bolly can be expensive when purchased at the Society, so WaitroseCellar, Sainbury’s, Petersham Cellar and Boncoeurwine all have great deals during the course of the year.

I like a good Red Bordeaux, and in my experience if you keep a bottle of Exhibition Pauillac for an extended period - you end up with a cracker.
For those who disagree, then don’t buy it and pick yer own six!!!
I am a fan and that’s all there is to it.

My final pick is one that is normally only available from the Rhone EP Offer.
The 2019 was around £17 DP per bottle, I have a steady stream of the stuff going back to 2015. It arrives virtually ready to rock and roll, and because of the recent spate of warm Rhone vintages it comes with a six or seven year shelf life. Always ripe, silky and long; a no-brainer at EP time. If you see it on the website, then buy it. You WILL NOT regret it!!

Picking 6 was like “Sophie’s Choice” for me. :sob: :sob: :sob: :wink:


In fact Pichard has an enviable sunny steeply sloping site at the SE tip of the region and the first vineyards you come across on the right of the D48 to Madiran village as you’ve turned off the main road north. They just don’t seem to be on the local radar as much as the main suspects like Montus, Aydie and Lafitte Teston. Not sure why. Agree looks a bargain.

Pic from Google Maps


Right, here goes. I’ve restricted myself to things I’ve drunk that are currently for sale, mostly at a not-silly price.

First, the best Chianti in the list at the moment.

A ‘banker’ according to Walter Speller, and I’ve been with the Bank of Isole e Olena for many years now. A classy example of what a Chianti should be.

Next, a beautiful Italian summer red.

I believe everyone who tried the previous vintage, last year, raved about it. One of my wines of the year and I got through quite a few in 2020. Light and refreshing with strawberries and herbs aplenty.

My third red offers amazing value for money, and reminds me of the angriest, funniest thread we had on here in ages (the infamous Bin #005 thread, that being this wine’s predecessor).

So much quality for the price, and a style of wine I’d happily serve to anyone, confident that they would soon become Xinomavro fans too.

Now for some whites.

A very reliable white burgundy; not overblown and not underdone, just nicely in balance. I had a case of 12 of a previous vintage and accidentally drank them all. It was one of those wines you could confidently reach for in all sorts of situations. I’d be getting the 2019 if I hadn’t invested so heavily in the white burgundy within the 2019 EP campaign….

Gruner Veltliner. White pepper and grapefruit, lovely with oily fish. This one is a step up, though, as it has weight, texture, length and richness. Although not a cheap wine, for this quality it’s a very fair price. I liked it so much I put 2 cases in reserves.

Finally, a sweet wine. I don’t understand why this hasn’t sold out; it has been in the list since before Christmas. It’s a Mary Poppins wine: practically perfect in every way. A balanced, refreshing sweet wine delivered with Donnhoff’s usual class.


:heart_eyes: Now that’s an order I need to not make! (but also really need to make!).


How did that happen? :slight_smile:


Wow even the memory of the thread is being overhyped :joy: