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This tidbit from @PierreM on the AMA got me wondering about other stats. Presumably all manner of info is available to the society on members’ buying habits: are these published anywhere? If not I’d be fascinated to learn more. What was the average spend last year? Number of bottles bought? Percentage of reds/whites/certain regions etc etc? When are the order spikes? What parts of the website are most popular? I’d love to compare my own buying habits with the rest of the Society’s.

Perhaps I spend too much time looking at this kind of data in my job but I’d read the shit out of a blog on tws member stats :smile:


You are the man to produce a set of TWS top trump cards!


Bottles in members’ reserves: 408



23 orders in the last 12 months
300 bottles in own cellar, 48 in members reserves from VCP and 120 bottles EP awaited this spring
…maybe I don’t want to know more, especially when I totted up the last 12 months spend!


I’ve managed to reduce spend by £500 from 2016-17, but reserves rental went up £90. I clearly need to stop buying and start drinking :laughing:


It might be interesting to break this don by age and sex. (I know, we’re all broken down by age and sex)

No way of proving this but I think it’s a male trait to collect things and list them. Trouble is that wine is more expensive than say football programmes or train numbers.

Should I now expect claims of sexism from women collectors.