'Member-Sourced' Interview with Toby Morrhall on Zoom

Hello everyone!

On November 10th, Toby Morrhall will be answering member questions on Burgundy over Zoom. In the first event of its kind, we will be asking members to submit questions in advance and from those questions we will create a special interview answering as many questions as we can.

The event isn’t on the website yet (but should be today/tomorrow). But we decided to kick off the questions here on this thread, so please let us know f you have any burning questions on Burgundy you would like Toby to answer!

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I would be interested to know how Burgundians are tackling climate change. For example are later ripen clones of Chardonnay and Pinot noir becoming researched? Are different pruning and canopy management techniques being used? Also are more drought resistant rootstocks being developed? I have read articles saying Burgundy is being affected by Climate change but not a lot about what is being done, either by individual growers or collectively.


Hello everyone! The link to the event page is now live and available here - Online - Ask the Expert: An evening with Burgundy buyer, Toby Morrhall (thewinesociety.com)