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Member Services assistance 13/14 Feb

Heads up: you can still browse and buy online this weekend but due to essential IT maintenance Member Services will be unavailable. Some areas of the site will be limited and order confirmation emails will be delayed. Thanks for your patience; full service will return on Monday!



Member services get a nice big special weekend off for Valentine’s Day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They deserve to put their feet up for a weekend, they’re always there and friendly when I call late in the evening or at a weekend.


I assume this is why the website is running a bit like a lame pig at the moment.


I gave up trying

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Me too - fails every time.

In fairness, they did warn us.
I was told that they are installing the 1st Phase of the new IT upgrade.
Those familiar with similar operations will know that they do not always go smoothly.
So this weekend the website may be a bit broken, but it is all in the cause of a better tomorrow. :wink: :dragon:


And the website “seems” to have settled down.
I did have a solitary strange occurrence where was looking to click onto the Statements page, in My Account and for 0.1 of a second I got a page that I had not seen before, and then it was gone. I think that it was a page holding much of what the My Account dropdown boxes gives us, all brought together on one page.
No doubt when the new website launches, we shall see. :wink:
I do not think that it was my imagination. :confused: :dragon:

Hi, we were running major system checks at that time, so it is highly likely you saw something a bit odd in the moment. We have successfully made the most significant changes to our systems for some years this weekend, and my apologies that the service suffered through Saturday afternoon whilst we did this.


It’s not a problem @Coatsie, thanks for the response. Surely unavoidable when performing an upgrade onto a live system, right?

Hi @Coatsie

Absolutely no need to apologise, far from it!
To achieve the changes necessary to upgrade our current antiquated system, there must inevitably be some disruption. Projects like this one are never easy, there can be unforeseen missteps and hopefully the membership will be supportive as you move through the planned stages to the complete changeover.
I look forward to seeing what the new system (Website) will give us. :+1: :dragon: