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Member mailing preferences


Sorry, I thought I had hit reply to @Cormski’s comment so it wasn’t…however, as much general observations as specific reply.


And, QED, I’ve already put my hand up to say I want some of it through the post too! :wink:


:grin:…there is a lot of stuff I get that I don’t want, unfortunately I don’t know until I get it! On a positive note, the targetted email for future local tastings seems to be working…


Increasingly, it seems, the majority cannot appreciate that there’s a significant minority who don’t have access to a computer and/or mobile phone - hard to believe but true. The digital enthusiasts, including Government, banks etc., seem content to disenfranchise an already deprived sector. Try living in parts of our highly developed nation where’s there’s no broadband or mobile signal.


Good point re the lack of broadband and mobile which isn’t an issue where I live but is only 2-3 miles away. There are still some absolute deserts for it in rural areas.


It’s not the mobile phone per se, its using data for internet access. I have a mobile phone, but I don’t use data on it, just use it for voice phone calls and text.

An increasing number of places are giving discounts etc only to those who download their ‘app’.


So I’m not the only one!



I think the request is for choice not to go digital for all. We should be able to decide how the society can communicate with us by snail mail, telephone, email, text etc. As regards regular communications and newsletters these should be able to be group in to categories eg annual membership, monthly newsletters, En Premier etc etc and we could then to elect to receive by post or email or indeed not at all. Personally most of the post goes straight in the recycling and I find the website good for most things. Bottom line is that members are diverse and needs and preferences vary but reduction in postage would create savings of benefit to all members. Most other organisations offer this choice.


Certainly not!

I would take a photo of my own mobile - only it’s got no such function :smiley:


The function is called selfie-mode on your camera (can’t think of any other use for it)


If choice is offered, I would select ‘send me everything’. I love getting the envelope and while I don’t buy the majority I am oft tempted by wines I’d never otherwise consider.

While w]the website and its search function is an invaluable tool I’m going to search for things I know I want. The mailings alert me to things I previously didn’t know I wanted.

I find it much easier to flick through the mailings, and every time I get the new price list I scan the pages to see what is newly added.

Sending mailings also remind members of TWS; I suspect many would get out of the habit of regularly visiting the website


Steve, you’ll have to tell me where to find selfie-mode on my Nokia 3310 :slight_smile:


I was trying to help @Inbar.

You’ll have to ask @Herbster how to take a picture of your phone.


I know, and I was joshing.

But maybe Inbar also has a phone without a selfie mode or perhaps even without a camera.

(BTW I’ve had to replace my Nokia 3310 because the back won’t stay on so I have upgraded to this


Don’t worry Peter - smiley was noted. And I just added “trying to” to my post, just in case she too is using technology from the last millennium.

Incidentally I am only a recent smartphone owner myself. As a small computer, I think it is pretty good, but generally try to avoid the phone and SMS bits.


That’s really nice of you to help, @SteveSlatcher! Unfortunately, I’m another old-fashioned dinosaur… :flushed:


Pleased to see you’ve figured out how to get the picture anyway :slight_smile:


Yes! :grinning: but sort of cheating , as I was using my tablet…


Those old Nokia phones used to offer way better phone/SMS coverage than smartphones. I think the iPhone 4 was the low-point for this, as things seem to have improved somewhat since then.

Ahem - back to mailing preferences. A couple of points -

  1. It would be nice to be able to opt in and out of selected mass mailings, but beyond certain specialist ones, I’m not sure how practical that is. Whilst modern digital colour printers can be used to generate selected mail, it’s another matter to tailor each mailshot if it is printed separately/elsewhere in batches.

  2. It’s been observed that keeping a customer informed by different media routes leads to higher sales than relying on a single route. It may well be that mailing people who normally order online could cover its costs that way.

Though I don’t have any insights so far as the Society is concerned.


Ah, the plot thickens.

Well, I used my camera! :camera: