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Melancholy wine


Maybe that’s its ultimate usage then - rub this stuff all over yourself before going to war work.

(For those who missed the joke, Isatis tinctoria is woad.)


On my Facebook feed … Inviting me to “be the first to like this”

No indeed


There are nearly 1200 positive reviews on their website. Scoring on average 4.9 out of 5. And only $20 too.

If that doesn’t convince, how about this ?

‘popping a bottle of Blumond sends a direct signal to the brain that something special is about to happen’.

You’re just being contrary !


Blumond is a combination of prosecco, peach, and blue curacao (so it’s essentially a sparkling cocktail in a bottle), meaning you get a sweet, fruity flavour in addition to the exciting blue hue.

Blumond only contains 7% alcohol, too low an alcohol percentage by law for a drink to be called prosecco or even sparkling wine – which must be 10% proof. (Metro newspaper)

But even 7% is too much for Saracens, methinks…


If you think blue wine is in poor taste: Rosé with grapefruit (all in the same bottle) was ‘a thing’ when I was in France last year - and very popular !

Strangely… it was OK as an aperitif providing the sun blazed down.


What I wonder is whether the wine actually tastes different to the same wine without the dye.

Obviously the wine itself is probably far from interesting - Spanish chardonnay is not something I would ever go for - but I fear it would.

Such is the mutability of taste… and why I fundamentally mistrust wine tasting.


just seen this


Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive



I thought for a moment that this was the Ghost of Mr Tallis


I have been known to go round in circles -

I do think that Social Meeja publicity puffs for blue wines call for blue comments.


I thought my reply came out of the blue!


I have just discovered F R Tallis and his novels . Is that where you were inspired to create your name?


It’s Thomas Tallis.


Yes, it’s Thomas Tallis - just explained over on the Pseudonyms thread.