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Melancholy wine


… Well not really melancholy, but blue, nevertheless.
This might be old news, but a first one on me. One of the wine shops in Palma was selling ‘vino azul’. It looked like some kind of joke - but no, it was a Chardonnay, dyed blue. We ended up chatting to the vinery host we visited about it, and she sighed and dismissed it as a ‘gimmick to make wine seem more fun for younger consumers’. And there was me thinking wine is intrinsically fun!! :thinking:
Has anyone ever tried it?? What’s it all about? Seems like such a silly idea, and looking at their website and its imagery (a hipster with a cigar) and that dubious word ‘revolution’ seem to confirm it… The marketing pitch is “Vino Azul is perfect for the wine lover who likes to be different”… (Cue to start feeling queasy).

What do people think…?


If people want to drink blue wine I have no problem with it… as long as I don’t have to.


I want to know what colour it turns if it goes all premox on you :thinking:


Good question! :wink: hopefully not a whiter shade of pale.
No doubt Farrow & Ball will be adding it to their new ‘funky’ paint collection :grimacing:


I really have only one question… WHY?! :joy: I honestly don’t understand. And even if, as they promise, it’s just a regular chardonnay and the colour doesn’t add any character, I don’t think my mind wouldn’t be able to compute this fact as I drank it, so I wouldn’t enjoy it even if it was the greatest chardonnay ever made.

Thanks for giving me a giggle, though - that website is peak hipster! :rofl:


Happy 1st April.


Glad it at least made you giggle, @laura!! :joy: I had a fit myself when I read that “creating a blue wine was only a matter of time”… I mean REALLY?!! :fearful::fearful:
What a load of… Well, you know… :wink:


LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I genuinely fell for this! Didn’t see the date. :joy::joy::joy: Isn’t it scary I could actually believe it’s true though? Those hipsters have waaaaay too much to answer for… :laughing:


Stranger things have happened!!


No no, seriously!!! This isn’t a hoax!! I’ve seen this silly bottle with my own eyes in a Palma wine shop and had a long discussion about how silly it all is with a winemaker in Mallorca…! :grimacing::grimacing: unless Mallorca shops kitted themselves with it prior to 1st of April - this is genuine (in the most stupid way, I grant you!) :-1:


Crikey. I’m not sure that my brain could handle drinking that.


It IS real?! I have just googled it and found several press articles about it dating back years (and none of them are on April 1st)! Geez, if your business idea is that daft it can be mistaken for an April Fool, that’s not a good look. :see_no_evil:

@JonM1978 is there a term for when you get tricked into believing something is an April Fool when it’s actually true, instead of the other way around?! :rofl:


Or indeed, why it should?? The winemaker in Binissalem was just as baffled! :thinking:


I’m an April loof!


I’ve also seen a blue wine advertised on an American site… I kid you not :see_no_evil:


Maybe they’re just being honest. Maybe it really is only good as a cleaning product.



At this moment in time it would appear the drinks industry in general faced with ever lower alcohol consumption is scrabbling about looking for ways to boost sales.

I know this subject has been mentioned before but the “wine” is now on sale here.

Blue wine can be added to the Gin and Vodka explosion of adulterated bottles both infused and coloured, Scotch Whisky being promoted as a luxury beverage with prices to match, all sorts of bottled and canned shots and cocktails.
So blue wine following on from the resurgence of rose and the trendy hippy introductio of cider in the form of natural wines si not a surprise, the company statement says it all, they absolve themselves from any current thinking as to what wine is thereby absolving themselves from criticism of the product, the only thing that matters is it is blue.

and here

how ‘natural’ the colour is, is open to question, not that it matters, various blue sparklers have already been put on the market though the colour is got by adding other types of drinks so sparkling is a mute point, having admitted the colour is from a pigment in the grape skin used as a food additive, something they put on the label, the way is now wide open for further food additives to give you any colour you wish for, though I imagine in this age to keep everyone happy they should be working on a rainbow wine.


The colour is apparently a mixture of grape-skin anthocyanins and blue pigment from Isatis tinctoria. Or in other words, it is sweetened alcoholic woad.

On an even more melancholy note, I see there are several producers of this stuff now, with at least one sparkler amongst their products.


I think I’d rather pull my eyelashes out with a tweeter one by one then try this blue/unicorn esq “wine” :rofl::joy:! Why anyone wouldn’t want a decent bottle of wine in favour of this is beyond me .


You lost me at woad…