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Meet the Members: MetalheadWino



Here’s the latest in our series of member interviews, to introduce someone with a truly unique and self-explanatory username, and who has a foodie confession to make (despite his choice of cute pet)

Meet the Member: @MetalheadWino

As usual, we ask a short set of standard questions, and get each interviewee to answer some ‘fun’ questions that give us an insight into them particularly.

I’d love to hear from all of you at some point, and I will be in touch, but if you have a burning desire to introduce yourself, please send me a message to let me know.

Don’t forget to leave a comment or send him a “hello” at the end - it is always nice for the member who is willing to be open like this to know that others are reading their interviews.

Tell us very briefly about yourself, and what fills your average day

Hi! I’m Alex, 30 years young, originally from Warwickshire but after making my way up and down the Midlands I’ve been settled in Nottingham for about 2 and a half years now.

I’m a very happy owner of a little, grumpy pooch called Rufus who loves walks but sadly isn’t too keen on pubs - however I’m convinced that frequent visits will convert him eventually!

When I’m not dog walking, or pub crawling, then I’m working in IT Security. Sadly it’s not as glamourous as all those 90’s movies led me to believe but it’s still pretty interesting none the less.

Other than that I adore food and travel and try and combine the two as often as I can!

How long have you been a member of The Wine Society and what made you join?

I’ve been a member for coming on 2 years now. I joined soon after really taking an interest in wine.

After reading as much as I could about wine and all it’s goodness I found a Guardian weekly column that reviewed various wines and styles. Within this article I found the recommendation for joining The Wine Society and I’ve never looked back since!

What would you say is your favourite wine style or region, and what do you pair it with?

My favourite style of white wine is absolutely Riesling. If it reeks of petrol then even better!

For reds, my favourite style is Carmenere - but Pinot Noir is a close second.

Confession time. While I do get how foods and wine match up, I’ve never had that mind-blowing epiphany of the two things coming together at the same time. I’ve tried many a time, and appreciated how it can work, but it’s never particularly enhanced the wine or food for me.

With this in mind I now tend to try and pair my wines with an occasion, a mood, the weather or with music.

I’m a weird one in that I very rarely drink the same thing twice. If I see something I’ve never tried then I automatically gravitate towards that - even if I don’t enjoy it then I can at least say I’ve tried it and know what it tastes like.

So for me, if I’m going to drink Riesling then it’s a treat because I 99% know I will enjoy it - I pair that with a big smile and a great night.

If I’m treating myself to a red wine that will have lots of layers and complexity then I will try to pair this with some of my favourite music that requires a solid chunk of thought and a bit of chilled out, zen time.

If you had to list your major NON WINE-RELATED hobby, what would that be?

Without doubt it would be going to gigs and listening to music.

I’m a huge extreme metal fan so anything weird, loud, fast, dark and grim is right up my alley. Love watching it live and try to get to at least a gig or two a month if I can.

What was the last gift that you gave someone (that YOU chose and bought)?

A mate has recently started Uni so I bought her a hip flask for those lectures where you just need a pick-me-up. Not very classy but it’s practical none the less :slight_smile:

Tell us something that you’ve done that you are pretty sure no-one else in the community has done (yet)?

I’ve eaten dog in Vietnam and eaten bear in Estonia so that’s something I suppose. Neither were great by the way so I would pair them with whatever wine would cover up the taste!

What was your most memorable restaurant wine experience?

I went to a fairly swanky place for dinner for my 30th this year and I also knew it had a great wine list.

After dinner, the spirits were high, and so was perusing the digestif list for an after-dinner tipple.

There I saw a 30 year old Pedro Ximenez sherry and I just had to go for it. It was stunningly complex, beautiful, and easily one of the best things that I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

It seems that I was a rare sherry drinker and so the bar staff either picked up on that, or simply saw that I like to drink, and out of the kindness of their hearts they brought me out a glass of their 30 year old Oloroso for me to sip on. A great end to a memorable meal.

At your niece’s 18th birthday party, she asks you for advice on learning about wine. What advice do you give her?

Don’t listen to your Dad! White wine is delicious and you should drink as much of it as you can! There is more to life than Penfolds Grange and Bordeaux blends.

Drink wine plentifully, enjoy it when it’s good and just make the most of it when it’s bad.

Your questions wanted

Great answers, @MetalheadWino! It’s so good to have a fellow gig-going riesling drinker on here :wink:

If you’re not sick of answering questions yet, I’d love to know what your favourite riesling/s have been of late (and whether there are any gigs that have particularly blown you away this year).


How does Rufus feel about that?


Cheers @martin_brown :slight_smile:

Favourite riesling of late is the Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett von Kesselstatt 2015 (https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=GE9241) which for a tenner is a steal in my opinion! I’ve even got a couple more arriving next week which I’m going to try and cellar for a couple of years.

As for the gigs then I think my gig of the year was seeing Wormrot back in February. Love those guys! I also went and saw Employed to Serve and Svalbard last night and they were both excellent as always :smiley:

Have you got any tasty riesling recommendations? What would your gig of the year be so far?


He hoped that I felt ruff after eating it… :wink:

In all seriousness, I did genuinely feel a pang of guilt when I was tucking into it haha. It wasn’t that tasty at all though so I most likely won’t be repeating the experience!

Just got to find somewhere that cooks up some tasty cat now…


Excellent! I can’t do better than that Niedermenniger for the price - it’s been a staple in my wine rack since it arrived at HQ.

On the drier side, however, I was really impressed with the new 2016 of Louis Guntrum’s. I’m really pleased we’re seeing more of these sorts of riesling coming over from Germany.

In the more classic mould, and a little more expensive, this one is a blinder and I will do my best to maintain the prerequisite self-discipline to lay a few down.

Finally, and back to the drier side, if you’ve not tried Prophet’s Rock Riesling, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Paul Pujol cut his teeth in Alsace among several other places and has the touch with riesling; we’ve also got some older vintages that show how beautifully they age, e.g. 2012:

Gigs-wise, that sounds fun! I missed Wormrot this year, sadly, but do like my grindcore.

Gig of the year?! That is tough. On the heavier side of things, Zeal & Ardor blew me away, Oozing Wound delivered their doomed-up thrash with the ferocity I’ve come to expect, Part Chimp levelled the 100 Club, Acid Mothers Temple brought the psych with even more energy than usual and Bongripper/Primitive Man was a bill made in heaven. Desertfest was fun as ever, too (Sleep were magisterial). Hasn’t all been metal this year though: one of the best things I saw was Shogun, a 19-year-old grime MC from Glasgow, Sleaford Mods continue to amaze and I’m still recovering from the intensity of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s set last week.



Zeal & Ardor

Oozing Wound

Part Chimp

Acid Mothers Temple


I think TWS should rebrand the Exhibition range with this selection of slightly more evocative choices…


Sorry for the off topic, but their Pinot Noir is also great. I have had the 2012, which I see TWS also stocks.


Not remotely off-topic, I’d say, and completely agree! He makes a mean Pinot Gris, too, which we stock from time to time


The Society’s Exhibition Oozing Wound would fly off the shelves :joy:


Thank you so much for the riesling recommendations!! All added to the Wish List!

I’ve only tried a 2009 Prophet’s Rock and loved it so will have to look at the other vintages now :slight_smile:

Very jealous that you got to see Zeal & Ardor - I was a whisker away from going to Roadburn to specifically watch them but wasn’t meant to be this time.
Sounds like 2017 has treated you very well on the gig front! May 2018 be equally as crushing :metal:


Extreme metal fan in Nottingham? See you down the ‘Old Angel’ then! Oh no, I’d better not; I’m too old for all that now (I knew it was time to call it a day when I gave way under the weight of the kind soul who attempted to crowd-surf on me at Rock City) and I am (or was) more on the punk side of things anyway.

Wine + heavy music equals the band Saint Vitus, obviously. May not be extreme enough for you, though.



You’re welcome and so glad you tried the PR Riesling.
Z&A were magnificent and Manuel an absolute gentleman; do hope they’ll come back for a non-festival date soon. I am very tempted by what I’ve seen of the Roadburn line-up for next year… here’s to a crushing 2018 indeed :smile:


Saw this and thought of you guys @MetalheadWino @martin_brown


@MetalheadWino Really enjoyed reading this! :grinning: It sounds like you’ve been all over the world and visited some pretty awesome places - any tips on countries/cities you think everyone should visit? :airplane:


Cheers for the heads-up @robert_mcintosh! I’m a Bandcamp kinda guy but i’ll certainly keep my eyes and ears peeled for tunes on Gimme.

Thanks @laura :slight_smile: Haha, sadly I’ve not travelled that much and__I’m still yet to visit the Americas or Africa but plenty of time left!

A great question about travel there - hmm, I would say if you’re into wine, and all of the magic that it brings, then a trip to Tuscany has to be on the list. Rolling hills as far as the eyes can see, amazing food and enough chianti flowing to drown a fish!
If I was going to recommend a country purely on food then without doubt I would say Singapore. Incredible food being made - and for absolute pennies!!! All of South East Asia has amazing food but Singapore definitely embraces the food tourist with a warm hug and a cold beer :smiley:


yeah, give me some black pepper crab and cold beer and I am happy


Ooh, yes! I’ve never actually been outside Europe before so this is going straight to the top of my list! :heart_eyes: If I plan a trip I’ll be sure to ask you for specific restaurant/food recommendations! (Maybe not dog or bear, though…!)


Haha - you’re more than welcome. Happy travels! :smiley: