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Meet the Members: Leah



This is the first of a planned series of interviews with YOU, the members of the community. The idea is to ask you a series of questions that will give members a better picture of the many different people taking part in this forum.

The format is to ask a short set of standard questions, and to get each interviewee to answer some other ‘fun’ questions that give us an insight into them particularly.

I’d love to hear from all of you at some point, and I will be in touch, but if you have a burning desire to introduce yourself, please send me a message to let me know.

##Meet the Member: @Leah
The first volunteer (thank you for being so brave!) is @Leah .

Please read the fascinating interview she completed for us, and feel free to leave a comment here or send her a “hello” as she has been a very active contributor already, so you will find her taking part in many conversations.

##Tell us very briefly about yourself, and what fills your average day
Hi, I’m Leah, I’m from Dublin and I am 5’6 :joy: (Goodness, this sounds like Blind Date :laughing: ). I live in Newcastle surrounded by wonderful Geordies! We have a great time trying to work each others’ accents out. It’s a good place to live with some great restaurants and bars. (I’m obviously NOT talking about the Big Market here! :scream:) I really enjoy living here.

I have two small kids, a golden retriever called Kerry and a partner who works away offshore half the year. (Probably a good thing … we’d never have any wine left if he was home permanently :laughing:)

Before the sleep thieves came along, I was key account manager in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Drinking wine was a necessity of the job, I just kept it up once I got off the crazy train. Mind you, I must be on the TGV now with little people running my life.

I have a great interest in wine and now spend my evenings primarily studying for various wine exams. Its fun, I enjoy learning but its also hard work. My “Cellar” is getting larger by the month (I used to hide shoe deliveries … now its wine … oops)!!

##How long have you been a member of The Wine Society and what made you join?
I joined The Wine Society a few months back. I found it increasingly difficult to source the wines I wanted from traditional sources and was pleasantly surprised at not only the variety of wines available but also the constant availability of quality wines.

##What would you say is your favourite wine style or region, and what do you pair it with?
This is a really tough one. I’ve always loved the high acidic gun flint Pouilly Fume’s of the Loire, The Sancerres, the Menetou’s but as my palate has developed over the years, I can’t help being drawn to Burgundy particularly the reds of Musigny and Volnay and Pommard in The Cote de Beaune. I love nothing but a great Riesling from Alsace but have been recently trying some Washington State Columbia Valley which is also really good.

I really can’t say what my favourite wine style or region is. Italy has some fantastic wines as does Australia and NZ too. But for my final meal I would most probably request a bottle of Gremillet Champagne. :+1:

##If you had to list your major NON WINE-RELATED hobby, what would that be?
Snowboarding without a doubt and downhill mountain biking … neither of which I’m particularly good at, I just love the freedom and speed they bring. Kids massively restrict your hobbies … so travelling is the no. 3 hobby.

##What was the last gift that you gave someone (that YOU chose and bought)?
For the other-half’s birthday, I bought him a little copper still so he can produce some great botanical gins for himself (& me of course). Down side, it really was little and the instruction book is in Deutsch!! Best brush up on the school level German :confounded:

##Tell us something that you’ve done that you are pretty sure no-one else in the community has done (yet)?
Do I have to?? :scream:

Ok, back in pre-historic times, I was a personal trainer (who drank wine :relaxed:) One of my clients was the wife of a Rolling Stones member who used to join us for the odd session! Yes, it’s true!

##Your house is on fire – which bottle would you save from the burning building? (no cheating - this must be a bottle in your possession at the moment)
A Vosne-Romanée Premier Cru Les Suchot

##What app on your phone right now makes the biggest difference to your life, and how?
It’s Cozi, a very boring diary app that can sync with others in your family, important in getting your nights-out logged before the other half does.

Quote: "I’m going out with the lads on Friday"
Me: “have you consulted Cozi?,”

Needless to say I’m far more efficient at entering “stuff” than the other half, but its a great app … even the babysitter’s on it :joy:

Your questions wanted

Thanks so much @Leah - I loved your stories and your enthusiasm

I’m always excited to speak to brand new members of the Society because you have a whole new perspective on The Society and what it offers compared to those of us with established habits

I am also seriously considering installing Cozi - with 2 kids’ diaries to coordinate now that they are 9 & 12 it becomes rather hard to keep updated.

Thanks again, and welcome!


Oh my goodness, @Leah, a cracking set of answers to start us off! Snowboarding, spouses of Rolling Stones, distilling your own gin… I feel very boring now, haha!

What wine exams are you studying for at the moment? I’ve done WSET Level 3 but was thinking about starting the diploma, but I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge!

Also a big fan of the fact you have a goldie - we’ve got two in the family, Daisy and Lottie, and they’re the most wonderful dogs. Any chance of a photo? :grinning:


I presumed you meant the dog and not the Gin :joy:!
Ps; I hope the upload worked :woman_facepalming:t3:


@laura Yes, Also did WSET 2 &3 and also the French wine scholar through the wine scholar guild.
I think the Dip is next for me too, hopefully Jan start, but looking at online due to my location.
We could be study buddies if we both end up doing it. I would recommend if you are going to commit to it, do it before you consider expanding your family in any way. I found the FWS challenging with 2 small ones and had to set aside dedicated times… evenings usually to get the study in. I now know what’s involved in studying online, however I think I will find the Dip extremely challenging fitting in all the other things I have to manage.


I am also contemplating the diploma online… if it comes to that would treasure a study group here


Great! Lets keep in touch