Meerlust 2015 Magnums

Just had an email to advise that Meerlust Magnums 2015’s have now been released ! The link isn’t working on the email (@laura) But here it is :slight_smile:


Restricted to 6 Magnums per member - great idea; might be tempted to one or two…


Got x 6 75cl bottles sitting waiting patiently. I’m sure I’ve had them a few years now and still holding fire.


Yes me too @JayKay, still in reserves :+1:.

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Original release price of the normal bottles was £85 EP… that makes these cheap. Mind boggling or my maths is gone… It is the latter I think. As the IV price would be £28 per magnum, which is £38 DP including storage. I’ll stick to my case from the EP campaign, looking forward to the next one.

Sold out: The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery

Sad that the offer had sold out in less than 24 hours before I tried to order. Very pleased that Joanna Locke and TWS is able to buy and offer such attractive small parcels of wine. Note to self: pay more attention to emails and less prevarication next time!


I saw this wine appear just under a week ago, was immediately tempted, but waited just long enough to realise I already had 6 standard bottles!


Just got the email a moment ago. Let the moaning commence!


@laura - Slightly odd this morning to receive a nice email from Joanna offering the magnums, only to click on the link and, as noted above, to get the message that they were sold out! Thankfully, I had seen this thread previously and thus was not surprised but perhaps the email should have been stopped to avoid annoyance of members not on the Community.


Completely agree, email arrived in my inbox this morning at 1100 and quickly checked on the link… all sold out.

Same here, little point in receiving email alerts for sold out wines.

Hi all, my sincere apologies about this! It seems a small batch of emails was sent for this in error today even though the wine had sold out. It was an unfortunate technical glitch and I completely appreciate how annoying it must have been to receive this - really sorry again.

Yup, I got the email this morning timed 11:01

me too