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May Vintage Cellar Plan allocations


Anybody else in eager anticipation of a little black envelope?

I’ve got the French Classics A plan. Last time out (December Allocation), I got these:

Not a bad haul!

Would love to know what others get, pop them up here and we can all have a good nosey. What fun.

Does anybody know when they tend to get allocated? My December lot were allocated very early in the month but I wonder whether TWS got them done early to deal with Christmas…


Debating French Classics cellar plan, Advice?

This was my November/December allocation. I’ve changed plans to the claret B plan and rising stars so looking forward to those this month. I’ve had about 4 years of the French Classics and World Classics plans so have a diverse selection which I’m starting to drink slowly. I’m trying to work out a plan that allows the cellar to grow to a certain level that will give me 2-3 bottles a week of overt yumminess when work starts winding down.


Looks great!

You’re basically where I hope to be in 4 or 5 years. I might switch to the World classics next year to get a bit of a balance - by Christmas I will have 60 bottles. All French. All red.


Still awaiting the magic black envelope! Anybody had theirs yet??


My results are in:

Not absolutely bowled over with the claret, but should be a reasonably early drinker. It seems like it was on sale at some point. Did anybody buy it?Anybody tried it?

There aren’t many tasting notes around the internet so it’s a bit hard to know what to expect.

Delighted with the CNdP!

Anybody else had their allocation today?

Edit: just looked up the claret in my Stephen Brook. Apparently it’s “weak and thin”. Oh well :joy:


These are from my Claret B and rising stars plans. I should have a credit note when they transfer to reserves which might just go on some sweet ones too.


I was allocated these two from my world classics plan. This plan so far has given me 6 wines from 6 different countries over 3 allocations. As per Dr Em I’ve also had the French classics plan, and am really happy with the diversity this combination affords.


All good stuff gents.

I like the world classics plan and the rising star plans as a little extra. It’s just a question of budget :joy: