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May 3rd joining instructions


Hi all - looking forward to our first event on Thursday, wine arrives tomorrow and we have invited friends to join us. Basic question I’m sure, but where do I find the event joining instructions for the evening? Not so computer savvy and trying to avoid looking daft :nerd_face:


Not sure if you have seen the related topic where some more detail is given.

On the night a new topic will be started.


All clear, many thanks … and wine has just arrived. Hope I can hold off drinking it until Thursday


Indeed! Put a note, and a lock, on it. We’ve already heard from a couple of members who almost accidentally opened the bottles early!!


Has the tasting started ?


yes, follow this tgread


I found it difficult to see where to write any comment, so my stay was very short-lived, and had to resort to consuming both bottles with a friend on an analogue sofa.


Hi Ian

Sorry to hear that. Happy to try to take you though it if you want, but the posting for last night (in the [LIVE] thread) was exactly the same as posting here to this thread, so I do hope you have a chance to join us next time?

What did you make of the wines?