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Maury, Cotes Catalanes and other exciting wines


Popped in to The Sampler today as I read that they had Garrus on the enomatic and it was something I wanted to try so long, but was not going to pay for a full bottle. What can I say, it is great and so complex, I really loved it. Still would not pay bottle price. It was presented next to a 2014 Meursault Perrieres, which was not unlike the Garrus, but the latter will get my vote any day and was also the cheaper of the two. Garrus is a lovely wine though, which I never thought I would say about a rose.

I then had a chat with the store manager about how easy it is to sell rosè with a Provencal colour, while darker ones (like Tavel) don’t sell even though they often offer more complexity

I then bought a red Maury from Domaine des Enfants L’Enfant Perdu), which I have high expectations for.

Sun's out, must be time for a Rosé
What's in your basket? [21 May]

Sorry, it is probably not Maury, but just Côtes Catalanes. I think Maury is only for sweet reds…


I think there are some Maury sec ones, too!:grinning:


There is a dry Maury now, @szaki1974 - as of only a couple of years ago I think. It always used to be reserved just for the sweet VdN from the area.

(edited to add - crossposted with @Inbar. But rather than just delete the post, to add that there is a smashing white Maury of the doux type, made from Grenache Gris by Mas Amiel).


Know you where one might purchase such a fabulous sounding wine??


Noted, thanks. The sweet reds of Mas Amiel are definitely already on the bucket list. This sweet white really intrigued me, also as I think Grenache Gris is a wonderful grape. Just try the one from Domaine Jones.


Totally agree about grenache gris, and that wine from Katie Jones is gorgeous. Another one based on GG that is even more sensational, though needs a bit of cellar time is the white Collioure from Domaine de la Rectorie.

@Inbar - I bought mine from Les Halles de Quercamps, that great standby for alternative wines near the Society’s now defunct outlet at Montreuil. But a quick look on Wine Searcher shows there are a few UK merchants who carry it - worth a look there if you are after one.


@robert_mcintosh sorry for turning this into a Maury / Côtes Catalans thread… can you do something…


I will be on the lookout for this now.


I shall be popping into the sampler the night before TWS press tasting…any good? What sort of prices are the enomatic samples?


Islington or Wimbledon? The sample prices range between £0.6 and £10+ (for the smallest sample), there is something for everyone…


Too bad you cannot buy it in this country…


Enjoyed my bottle of this (a recommendation from this place) this weekend

More approachable and rounded than I expected, but I’m not holding that against it. Very tasty drop (down to the rather sedimented dregs)


Islington…it worked out cheaper to get the coach down, get an airbnb, coach up, visit a wine merchant and modestly priced restaurant than get the train!

Oooo i will certainly be looking forward to err ‘getting my eye in’ for the following day!

Note to self: Don’t roll in looking like this


Although it’s not currently listed, the Society does frequently offer it. It tends to sell out in fairly short order though!

Although not quite at the same level, Piétri-Géraud’s Collioure Blanc is in a similar style. That one is currently available in the UK.


Of course you can’t go wrong with Gauby. The VV cuvee is stunning but not in stock at present,

I notice the low alcohol, which seems a trend with him at the moment. The Soula is good too.


I particularly like the La Soula, though it’s not strictly a Gauby wine - he just has a part-share in the operation I think. I don’t really get on with his white “Les Calcinaires” as it has too much muscat in the blend for my taste.

I’ve just remembered that there’s another grenache gris wine which the Society usually offers, though it too seems to be off the list at present. That is the Preceptorie de Centernach white.

(That’s a pretty ancient one by the way). It’s one of the more competitively priced grenache gris based wines. Other ones that are more grenache-gris led blends include Domaine Treloar’s “La Terre Promise”. It’s very good.


@robert_mcintosh I also have a bottle of the Domaine Madeloc 2012 in my wine rack and am waiting for the right time to open it. It’s good to hear it’s drinking well now.

Suspect that “right time” is not far away!

I’m spending my summer holidays in the Cotes Catalanes this year, so it’s nice to see other recommendations here. I’m hoping to include a few vineyard visits while in the region.