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Mature reds on TWS list


Hi all.

I’m a big fan of mature red wine from various regions, but with my somewhat limited budget, often find classic, old fashioned wine with secondary flavours very hard to come by in my price range and was wondering if any members have any recommendations on the TWS list that they’d like to share with others.

I’ve just placed a bottle of Château Fonstesteau, Haut-Medoc 1998 in my basket with my next order. The reason I chose to buy just the one bottle is because I strongly suspect it needs drinking up now. It’s two decades old and I have a feeling that if the Society’s buyers were to purchase the most recent vintage, they’d put a window of now til 2025 ( ish ) on it. For the price though, it’s well worth a punt.

Does anybody remember the mature Rioja offer from about four years ago?

They purchased all the stock from a restaurant in Spain that had gone into liquidation and there were some absolute once in a lifetime gems in there, bottles from the 60s and even 50s at prices that were very reasonable.

Also, the allocating system worked really well. If you were a regular customer who wanted a few nice bottles you got what you wanted. If, on the other hand, you just had deep pockets and wanted to hoover up all the best wines at a knock down price you’d have been out of luck. I remember a thread on a wine related forum were several members were moaning that the four of five cases they’d ordered hadn’t been allocated to them.

I realise that these kinds of purchase opportunities come along only once every blue moon, but it would be great if the Society kept an ear to the ground for when these come up.

Anyway, I’m waffling now, so getting back on track, do you know any gems on the list?


When you say “classic, old fashioned wine with secondary flavours”, do you essentially mean Bordeaux by that, perhaps also Rioja and Barolo, because that’s my interpretation? Looking at the wine you mention (£15/bottle) I think you’ll be struggling with the budget. If you have a cellar and can lay down yourself you’ll get some wines under £15 that need another 5+ years before they’ll fit your bill, but I expect most (even to lay down) will be in the £15-£20 bracket, and well above £20 if someone else has kept them for you! You can hit some bargains (I got an amazing 2010 vintage Californian Pinot Noir @ 15.5% ABV from Majestic bin end for around £16 last year) but they are few and far between.


I’ve not tried it personally but I recall this from a recent trawl of the TWS site that might fit the bill?

Maybe others on here have actually tasted it and could comment further.


By old fashioned with secondary flavours, I mean the classic regions that you mention, or anything else in that style that is made in a way that ages well and develops in bottle. Argentina ( Weinert ) and Chile ( Concha y Torro Pirque vineyards ) would be two examples of wines TWS list that are in that style but I’m open to anything that other members feel may fit the bill. I have little experience with Aussie wines but there’s so many different styles there that perhaps that’s something I could look at.

I think you are spot on with your advice. Maybe buying and laying down is something I should do more of.


Good shout.

That’s an amazing vintage as well.


Yep that was my initial thought to the original post - best way to have mature wines to drink is to buy them when young and mature them yourself. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a lag time with that approach…


One of the things I like is that TWS can hold onto stock until its drinking. However I feel they still release so much when young and my most common note is ‘too young’

I guess as you get older you like to hang around with thing your age:)


The claret you mention is pleasant, but a bit thin to be honest. I bought 6 bottles and have had one so far. Like you I do love those mature flavours, but no longer have wines laid down myself, so it is a good opportunity to taste mature wine. A bit of a shadow of a classed growth of that period sadly. I bought the mature Rioja too. Funnily enough it was the Riservas, not the Gran Riservas I enjoyed most. TWS is about the only place that still offers this sort of parcel now.


Got to agree on the Weinert - great value older wines. I was one of a few that picked up their recent 1994 release en-primeur. Possibly TWS retained some to sell on retail which would definitely be worth a try - the EP price worked out about £30 a bottle I think.


There seem to be quite a few here, who picked up that wine. I also have six bottles, 3 of which I have already had delivered. There are two dedicated topics as well :slight_smile:

Weinert Tonel Malbec - EP topic
Weinert Tonel Malbec - Drinking window discussion


Found this by typing mature on TWS website:

That does the trick surely?


That looks good.


And the prices are extremely fair


I tried this at the Christmas Press Tasting and it was drinking very well. It is good value at the price.

TWS does offer mature wines from time to time, I put this mixed case in reserves earlier this year, which at just north of £50 for 3 bottles did not seem expensive:

Does anyone have experience with Sagrantino? Is it one to drink up?


Slow burners in my experience. Jo Goodman wrote a cracking article about her most recent visit to Montefalco on Travels in Wine here which I hope is of interest :slight_smile:


A little above budget, but the Musar wines are superb and the 2006 is still available from TWS


This was an addition to a recent order and is waiting to be poured. Do you (or anybody else here) think it will improve with more time, or should I crack on? Only have one bottle unfortunately so would like to drink it at its best!


Sorry, Im not knowledgeable enough to help you on this - but this wine has a strong following so Hopefully someone here can.


Are you referring to the Chateau Musar? It is well known to age well, as long as you like the very developed style (which I do). I still have a single bottle of 1999 in my cellar and I’m not afraid of keeping it longer … so you can’t use the “drink up window” as an excuse for opening this one, I’m afraid :slight_smile:

However, I’m sure it will be delicious if you did, even now.


Thanks a lot, I guess I’ll try to sit on it for a few more years. You’re absolutely right though, I was definitely looking for an excuse!