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Mature Claret anyone?

I guess this is timed for those who are less interested in Bin #006, but I just got an email through trying to flog me this.


I got the email as well. The wine itself is good and from a great vintage but I don’t think it’s good value particularly

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Agreed. There are better priced wines from that vintage of similar quality.

This offer smacks of ‘let’s keep the ball rolling’ Is this another ‘carefully stored wine for later release’ thingy? Agree it is too pricey also.

Bit of a steep mark up but Baron de Brane seems to be on an unstoppable price climb. I love it and have had a few:
2011 £24
2012 £23
2014 £23
2017 bought EP in 2018 - duty paid £25

2014 is now £25
2016 £30

And now 2010 £33.

It used to be a good value second wine but with that sort of steady rise not so much so and it’s becoming too much for me. At £30 I think I’d prefer Segla.


I had a BdB 2012 last year for £23… a very good wine and I reckoned fair value. But £33 for a 2010 ? I don’t think so, no matter how many superlatives attached. Unfortunately it coincides with a tumbling economy and likewise Chateau Lapin’s income!

Will wait for it to reappear post-xmas much reduced in price.