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Masks and the Litany of Fear

Our local WS driver Mike dropped off a goodly box this morning, as per plan - but, I was saddened to see, heavily masked. Apparently that’s the three-line whip from HQ. But our drivers work in the fresh air, for heaven’s sake. Our postie has not been masked for many weeks. I do hope that the requirement will be relaxed soonest, for all staff but especially for our drivers.


I’ll be glad to welcome a masked WS driver tomorrow when he delivers my wine. No harm in keeping himself and customers safer.


Is that one of the “we’ll destroy your career and your local school” three-line whips?


Lol ok boomer


I always appreciate it when things are delivered by people wearing masks. I understand it is a minor inconvenience for them to pop one on when they are dropping something off but it reduces the chance of transmission to me during the short transaction at the door.

Better safe than sorry, I say. I had Covid last week and, despite being double vaccinated and boosted, it really hit me for six.

I think it is right to fear the virus to an extent, it’s nasty. Lots of people have died. The risk is much lower now that most have been vaccinated but suppose that a TWS driver passed it on to a customer who had not been vaccinated. The customer could end up with serious medical problems which may have been avoided but for the minor inconvenience of a mask for a few minutes.

In my line of work, people are required to act safely for colleagues and customers all the time. This often involves wearing PPE of one kind or another. Most of my colleagues do so without hesitation or complaint. I am sure the good folk who work for TWS are no different.


Bravo to the society. They are doing what they can to make drivers and customers safe. I have no issue with a driver wearing a mask when they deliver wine to my front door (so long as the van is Red). Good business sense to protect everyone and do all they can to reduce the impact on logistics should drivers come into contact with people who may have it but don’t know it. I will continue to wear a mask when I see customers and colleagues as it helps avoid having to close offices and disrupt work which would impact other customers.

Do the drivers drive with the mask on or just when delivering wine to the front door?

Out of interest what does “heavily masked” mean?


Can’t you tell it’s a no-wine-news Monday :wink:


On a slightly more serious note, I just wonder how many people remember to sanitise/wash their hands after taking in a delivery. To my mind it’s more important that wearing a mask outside. I of one will still be wearing one in Sainsbury’s for sure!


I wear safety (steel toecap) boots on site - for my own protection - same thing surely? and nobody complains about that.

TWS have a legal duty of care to their workers, and I’m sure the driver doesn’t wish to catch CV19 from being breathed on, no doubt having a HUNDRED or more potential contacts per week.

A “litany of fear” ? 153,862 deaths in the UK so far, 74,799 daily cases. Seems like a reasonable cause for fear.


Shocking lack of TWS branding


At the very least it should be red


It is as far as flu and Norovirus go that’s true but the actual research on Covid fomite transmission outside heavily contaminated contexts is fairly sketchy - though I agree outdoor non-contact situations don’t really warrant masking up.

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@Brocklehurstj , kind of disturbing that you have such attire readily to hand :grinning:


It’s not a selfie. Mine is red


Sorry James, words fail me for once! :mask:


I’m quite keen on this idea



All my courier and royal mail deliveries up here are fully masked. I can’t think of a single delivery made in the last 2 years (almost) without a mask.

Very sensible in my opinion. They were talking about variations to a couple of epidemic scientists on the radio this morning and they were quite explicit about two things:

  1. There WILL be more variations
  2. There is NO evidence to support the belief that each variation will be milder. It’s totally random and, so long as the variation is successful in spreading, there is no particular evolutionary advantage or disadvantage to being mild or severe.

I’m not trying to be panic mongering but just realistic. Please do not suppose this virus is necessarily going to become easy to live with anytime in the near future (ie. in the next 24 months).


Worst death rate in Europe no less.

I’ll be using my common sense and listening to experts on this matter moving forwards. I suspect the use of masks in and around public areas will be mandated again soon when the car-crash we call a government hit the panic button yet again after ignoring said experts in place of their common sense. (Spell checker corrects that to common dense. Seems appropriate.).


Or just the nose…


Not actually true. Bulgaria, Bosnia, N Macedonia, Hungary, Czechia, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Italy all have higher death rates / million, than the UK

However, as GP, I am in the pro-mask camp.