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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

I’ve done this with basil mainly but also other herbs and generally find it far superior taste-wise to dried; it’s much closer to the fresh taste. Don’t know about chillies but I’d expect similar.

back to lockdown parenting :wink:

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recipe please…have excess of both at the moment

I placed mine in the boiler cupboard on a plate (with kitchen roll on) dried very quickly and lasted for a long time

or freeze…just bung in the freezer as is

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Dead easy & works best with a variety of “red” chillis, although the addition of a few green won’t hurt.
Don’t bother deseeding as you want the paste quite concentrated, just through them all in a nutri bullet type blender with tons of garlic and blend together, carefully taking the lid off, your eyes can hurt :joy:! Ensure you sterilise your clip down jar and pour it in! Top up with rapeseed or a plain ground nut oil and this will help preserve it . Bingo, I add it into curries, marinara for pizzas, chillis etc…
Also, I’m sure I posted my sweet chilli sauce recipe for using up excess chillis ! It’s great . Also you can pickle garlic :wink:.


Add lemon juice / and or red wine vinegar, salt, oregano, and you have instant piri-piri sauce. Fantastic with chicken. Raw: it will blow your socks off, but don’t be timid… once grilled it calms down. Honest.


Well, I thought these would be a tasty and exciting accompaniment to supper tonight, how wrong was I!?! Either my father-in-law has an innate talent for growing fire or he’s really done a number on me. They were hot. Seriously hot. I started to worry with the faint tickle at the back of my throat when cooking. The kids then started rubbing their eyes and coughing when they came in for supper. The green ones were at a ‘hot’ level padron. Mrs B had one of them and flushed a little.

The red ones were on a different level. Juicy and sweet, to be sure but the pith just got hotter and hotter without respite. After laughing quite a lot, my daughter poured me a (necessary) pint of milk, which I swapped for my glass of wine. 2 were bearable-level hot, but tasty. They went down, but I could only manage the first bite of the last 2.

Burning still. Never experienced a padron like that before, I’ll be taking it up with my father-in-law. :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:



No words needed…hope the wine was nothing memorable!

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I’ve a feeling that maybe a couple of your F-i-L’s peppers got their labels transposed.

This all reminds me of one year when we grew a whole load of habaneros. I turned a batch into some red Thai curry paste (with due attention to protective clothing, fume extract etc.). I forgot to mention the new batch origins, and a few days later Mrs. B cheerfully lobbed a couple of spoonfuls into the wok to fry the paste for a curry. We had to evacuate the kitchen for about quarter of an hour.


Hmm . perhaps not Padrons, never seen a red one, mine turned green-black when ripe. Memorable is a good experience, the kids will remember you for it.

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They certainly will. My daughter’s eyes popped out on stalks and she nearly wet herself laughing when I told her through my tears that chilli heat doesn’t reduce between entry and exit.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Goodbye autumn, Hello winter. There are some plants though that refuse to face that reality. We have a Yucca whose homeland is the California desert and the Caribbean. A long way south of Suffolk.

When we bought the house (over fifteen years ago) we were told that the Yucca would flower every three years. As the years went by it increased its flower output and now blooms from June to December each year. I posted a photo in June and you can see it in the background.
It is said to be the worlds largest Asparagus. The leaves are sharp and deter most things, me for a start. Madame Darlb cuts it back every year! It sends up spikes which hold the flowers. Today it has two in flower and another three on the way.

The flowers have a strong aroma of Oranges. I once met someone from the Yucca Valley and they said they made Yucca Jelly/Jam. I was sent a jar but I am ashamed to say for some reason I did not taste it.

Anything still going in your garden?


Cyclamens and pansies, mostly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not just the “still” (cosmos, roses, pinks, marigolds…) it’s the “already” ( forsythia, berberis, rhododendron next door, and a camellia just about to flower)


My garden’s pretty much shut down for winter now. Just a few penstemon flowers around, a couple of winter flowering viburnums (not particularly impressive flowers) and the mahonias are just coming into flower.

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My hot lips salvia is still going very well. It seems to like it here.
St Johns wort is still flowering a bit, and a blue plant which I think is some kind of delphinium is still flowering a fair bit too. A few wild cyclamen. That’s about it.

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Picked the last chillis and peppers in the greenhouse today as frost forecast. Then cleaned all the shelves and inside the windows of it…not my favourite job! That’s it shut down now for a couple of months…


Camellia in bloom, rhododendrons in bud here in Cornwall


We have quite a few things still hanging on. Penstemon, cat mint, salvia(all red not the hot lips) and a white geranium. Even the cosmos hasn’t dried yet. But the frost is coming!

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