Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Snowdrops? Luxury!

At least some Alpines are enjoying the weather


Never thought I’d see Astro turf on here lol …got two lawns treated with moss killer yesterday looking forward to scarifying in a few weeks

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I inherited it from the previous owner. It’s on its way out, although probably being replaced with something pebbley rather than a lawn. I don’t really have enough sun for grass to be healthy.

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Snowdrops…well we call them snowdrops… thers fallout from factory chimney, burn holes in yer washing on t’line if thes not careful.

My coat? so kind.

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Delighted to see this little fella and his mate poking about in my mixed hedge this morning; not seen any bullfinches here for many many years. I think they were nibbling the hawthorn leaf buds.



Now that is a real treat to see :~}

Havn’t seen a bullfinch for years ! I hope that’s a good sign.

This is however the first year we hav’nt had waxwings in the garden! strange days indeed.

Sadly a short garden inspection yesterday resulted in there demise of my last vine 30+ years old. New plantings ahoy next week I think!!