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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

I had those poppies for a few years unfortunately they quckly reverted to the basic very pale lilac opium poppy type - not that attractive. All gone now.

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I’m trying to actively grow them, unfortunately next doors cats have other ideas with me growing plants in general. Having had a big replant at the end of March to make it “my” garden, I’ve had to replant an entire bed this week because they just dug up everything that wasn’t a shrub.

And for the positive version of this post.

I just got to replant an entire bed. Plenty of Salvia’s, foxgloves, some Echinacea, Geraniums, Cirsium and Monarda added to the lupins which for some reason the cats didn’t tough. I also bought a black elder, that I have no idea where it was going to go.

Rather sparse right now, but hopefully it’s not so late in the season that they won’t take.


Sounds like you need a beastly water pistol!



If you do an internet search for plants that repel cats, there are some good results. May not be the ones you want mind, but something might appeal?

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Amusing/frustratingly, the Cat Shoo, Lavender, Rosemary and Thistles planted specifically for that purpose were the first things to get dug up. I’ve covered the newly replanted area both in lion manure pellets and the remains of a very prickly rosemary bush.

They’ve made it through the night at least!



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You can buy sprinklers with a motion sensor attached designed to repel border boarders (mostly cats). Around £25 - Google will find you one.

However, this gentleman from Australia took things to the next level with his DIY project -