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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Same garden mid January

Always looks a bit messy in midwinter!
My intention is to take a photograph in the middle of each month this year to keep a record of how the garden progresses through the seasons
Local birds are beginning to pair up - we have pairs of robins, woodpigeons, great tits, blue tits and a pair of blackbirds all in or regularly visiting the garden. Great Spotted Woodpecker makes an occasional visit - hope to see some young ones in the spring.


I’ve just started the pre-sowing/planting attack on the allotment…glad the weather is appearing to be on the change for the better

Have also sown this years tomatoes…160 seeds ! Tomato plants appear to be a very good currency round here…better than crypto!


Have broad beans and peas in greenhouse which are ready to plant out


Haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with the new garden yet. It needs some engineering (the removal of a load of astroturf) before I do anything so might not get much grown this year.

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Appalling. Weather in Yorkshire has been grey and miserable (except when it was snowy and miserable) since November. The lady Lapin has given the bamboos a damn good thinning out, which went through the shredder / chomper to make rather good mulch.

Have ordered tomato plantlets - Bloody Butcher (VERY early, great flavour) - Green Zebra (Late, fantastic tomato but needs a good season) - Liguria (Italian ribbed, bulls heart, new to me). I know I should grow seeds but I never get around to it.

Potatoes are a chittin’ Charlotte (of course) and something else I have lost the label. Have high hopes.

Dahlias from last year are still in the ground, I imagine they may re-appear if I kill the slugs in time.

Lawn… urgh. Not nice at all. Waiting for daffs etc to show enough that I can mow the lawn & tidy it up without scalping the spring bulbs.


Pots of chillies and tomatoes?

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And I can’t take credit for any of it as all bulbs in situ when we moved in 20 odd years ago. Veggie plot is very wet. Nothing on the go as yet - lockdown 3.0 making me very lethargic regarding getting stuff done.


Definitely on the cards. Also Padrons again!

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Padrons - yes. Loved them.

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Blimey up here my daffs are only just above the ground maybe an inch at the most! The only thing I’ve got out is the snowdrops (just started opening in the last few days). The rest of the darden looks terrible; no real green in the lawn after over a month under the snow.

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It’s quite unusual for our daffodils to be about to flower when the snowdrops are still in bloom. We have a distinct temperature advantage over your location here on the south coast of England!

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You’re not kidding I generally find my daffodils are just about starting to flower once they’ve completely gone over on the south coast.

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I’m going from “will I have Daffs on St Davids Day?” to “will I have Daffs on St Davids Day?”. First one came out today.


as @Brocklehurstj has said… some pots…p[erhaps even pots of pots?!? Runner beans in pots work well too

and good luck with the garden engineering!

From the sunniest corner of the garden a few minutes ago


Daffodils out here now in our garden and crocuses too.

Have got two trays of leek seeds and one of broad beans in the greenhouse. Hoping to get shallots and garlic in at allotment in next two or three days.

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Hamamelis planted 18 months ago in the middle of a bed of mixed spring bulbs. The Hamamelis replaces a flowering cherry that was here when we moved here but has now expired. Crocuses and snowdrops now at their best and the hamamelis is at its peak.


Very nice. I wish we could grow Hamamelis here, but we are on chalk. But other things do well so no complaints!

(I got the camera out to take some photos this afternoon, but the battery died on me. Tomorrow maybe.)

Spring is definitely on the way. I’ve already seen bumblebees and a Brimstone butterfly on the wing.

Cue Arctic blast in March…


Here’s one flowering now which most people won’t notice -

Mistletoe. It takes the rest of the year for the berries to mature. Male and female flowers are on separate plants, so you need to grow at least two plants to get any berries.