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Marvellous food with the Society's Saar Riesling

My mother made marvellous braised leeks and, for years after her death, I attempted to replicate her dish - the leeks were an accompaniment to a main dish. Finally, I produced something which was even better than hers!
Top and tail the leeks, split them lengthways to fit in your pan depending upon the size of the leeks. I have a large cook’s pan.
Into the pan put a good dollop of butter; when it has melted, put in the leeks, flat side down, allow them to brown (caramelise) a little for around 3/4 minutes and flip them over caramelising the other side.
While this is going on, take a Knorr vegetable stockpot and dissolve this in around 300ml of boiling water. Add this to the leeks, bring back to a rolling simmer and cook for around 20 minutes until the liquid has almost, but not quite evaporated.
Tonight I used this to accompany a haddock and prawn au gratin and, because the weather had been so warm and wonderful, I had opened a bottle of the Society’s Saar Riesling. I am a red wine person whose food decisions are secondary to my wine decisions. The acidity and sweetness in the leeks was an absolutely perfect match for the Riesling. I really wouldn’t have believed that it could have been so good.


Great recipe! Thanks for sharing.

That Saar Riesling is one of my favourites. Adore it.