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Martin Wassmer Spätburgunder 2015




I realise that we’ve not had a #discovery post for ages and I miss them. We get a lot of conversations with list of many (too many?) wines and not enough focus on the ones we really think others should try. This is what this tag is for.

I am quite sure this was a suggestion from the community, but as if to prove my point above, I can’t remember by whom or when.

If you love Pinot Noir then you need to try this. I do not know Burgundy well enough to give any comparison, but I can tell you that this wine was amazing and a bargain for the price (despite it not being the cheapest, I admit).

I’ve had some great German Pinot Noir (aka Spätburgunder) in the past, and I have an expectation of it being generally more fruit-forward than comparably priced Burgundy, yet showing a LOT more restraint than New World examples. In my mind it comes with “old wood” notes with spice, leather and cedar, but with a generally light body. Thankfully this delivered exactly on this. :heart:

German Pinot Noir is hard enough to find in the UK, and well-priced options are even harder, so this was a great suggestion (thank you to whoever first found it, please do identify yourself if you remember it was you). Do give this a try!


At least 2 of us signalled this out from the Christmas press tasting: I am glad you confirm that you liked it; I have a soft spot for German Pinots Noirs, so I wasn’t sure others would be as enthusiastic.


Ah! That’ll be it. Thank you

Those lists are fantastic, but also very long - hopefully we can get others to create some specific #discovery posts about individual wines if they’ve been bought and liked.


Good post @robert_mcintosh! I’m a fan too.

I think your comment on this being a bit more fruit-forward than say a Burgundy is spot on. Anyone looking for a decent northerly PN really should try this one.

I think the society - several years ago - offered a sort of predecessor to this wine. It was from the same area but was a blend of various vineyards and indeed from different vintages. I have a sense that it was a little less fruity and a bit more developed on the palate, presumably due to the extra maturity of the base wines before bottling. But both are delicious.

I think it benefits from being served a couple of degrees cooler than you would normally serve a Burgundy or other PN.

(edited to correct “fruitier” to “less fruity” - oops!)


I added a bottle to my order placed earlier this evening, based on the positive feedback from members at the Christmas tasting, as well as on the wonderful pinot blanc I had from them last year. Looking forward to it!


Yep, another fan of the Wassmer here, had it a few weeks back and was very impressed at what it had to offer.

Is that the Karl Johner NV pinot from a few years back? That was fabulous - actually quite outstanding for £14 - and was my first proper introduction to German pinot.


Yes, that was the one, @Herbster. Really excellent vfm.


I have a couple of bottles, yet to be opened.

However I happened to find myself in a wine bar (Bedales?) in Borough Market in London last week and saw this on the list. How could I not?

I had two glasses, the second glass because I liked the first so much. Very very nice indeed and an absolute steal at £15.


Only 154 bottles left…


A couple of bottles in the current order thank you @SPmember.
I gave M&S Palataia a whirl on my last neighbours’ tasting. https://www.marksandspencer.com/palataia-pinot-noir-case-of-6/p/p60017914?&pdpredirect
Pleasant and surprised a few people. But hoping for much more from the Wassmer.


I wont be buying the Wassmer simply because I have ordered a case of the Holger - Koch Pinot Noir *** that will be my one layout to see if the German PN can really deliver, it has had very good reviews if that is to be taken as a guidance, we in time shall see if my money is well spent.


Had (I think) the 2013 vintage a couple of years ago, which was my first foray into Spätburgunderdom - very impressed. As others have said, a great balance of new world fuit and old world character. Off to order a few bottles of this one now, so I hope it’s not all gone!


Jancis has reviewed this - I’ll paraphrase.

Score 16.5+. Sweet and malty. Lots of fun and ready now. Good price, fine tannins enough acidity to develop further. Good Value. Giving a drinking window out to 2024


Jane MacQuitty recommends the 2016 in the Times 100 best wines

Though you may need a subscription to read the article


This sold out now, but TWS swiftly moved on the 2016.


Added to the wishlist :heart: