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Mark's Frozen Oranges Recipe



Yet to find a kid who doesn’t…the novelty of scraping it all out the shell of the orange is good too…it’s basically just a sorbet of kinds but nicer than the commercial ones that you still see in some restaurants.

Managed to find the recipe:

6 large oranges (you can scale it up or down within reason - we make about 12!)
1/2 a lemon
5-6 oz caster sugar
pinch salt (helps with freezing)
8 fl oz each of double cream and milk

Cut tops off oranges and with a sharp small knife cut round inside the rind of each orange to loosen the pulp then scoop out with a spoon. Take care not to put holes in the orange!

Squeeze as much juice as possible from the pulp - at least 8 fl oz. Combine the juice with the juice of the half lemon, the sugar and the salt in a bowl then gradually stir in the cream and milk until the sugar has dissolved. Pour the mix into a tray and part freeze until the outer edge is firm. Put in a bowl again and beat until smooth.

Fill the orange shells, replace the lids, cover with foil and freeze.

Christmas desserts

This reminds me of when my aunt used to make these years ago, basically really tasty orange sorbet held in the skins of the oranges - as you say, bit of a novelty and rather delicious, especially after inhaling a tablefull of rich food!

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Excellent @MarkC, thanks for the recipe. I would imagine also great with a dash of something alcoholic in for the grown ups too :relaxed:


When is the cook book coming out @MarkC


It would - maybe a dash of cointreau…or Calpol for the little ones…:slight_smile: …just as a precaution clearly…


@japcraw it would be a compendium of the work of many…I do have a few of my own, and have amended various others over the years to my taste. There is division of labour in this house, my wife does nearly all the desserts and baking, I do starters and mains usually when we entertain. She does weekday meals, and I tend to do weekends. When I’m here…


Oh to be cooked for…I do ALL of it pretty much . Then again I don’t climb on the roof to fix the tiles or plumb in a toilet… Mr. Leah is away a lot so I am looking forward to child free mornings on my own when he’s back. :relaxed:


This does sound delicious, I do love a sorbet!

Splash of Cointreau and a little Dark (maybe spiced) Rum would round out the flavour.

I’m an impatient stirrer when it comes to dissolving sugar, I accelerate the process by putting the sugar in a mug, add a little of the fluid and microwaving it until warm and then it’s a 10 second stir before incorporating it back with the rest of the liquor/fluid/juice.

Might try this with the Christmas Clementines if I find a few thick skinned ones.