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Malta - recommendations



Bit of a last minute one, here - I’m heading to Valletta tomorrow to escape the English weather for a few days. Does anyone have any wine-related recommendations for the city, or Malta in general? Any advice much appreciated!


The wineries seemed just set up for group tours, but experiment in the restaurants. Guze, Rubina, Rampila all had a few Maltese wines. And if you sightsee by taking lots of buses, you will see the vines. But you should be there mainly to walk around Valletta and Mdina.


Nothing wine related I’m afraid (a friend reported a poor experience but not sure if he was just unlucky) but I would LOVE to visit one day just to take a tour around the underground tunnels


There are some good local wines, some made from ‘international’ varieties, and look out too for indigenous varietes Girgentina (white) and Gellewza (black).

Many of the wines produced by Maltese wineries are in fact made from imported Italian juice, careful inspection of the label should tell you.

I found it difficult to get a respose about visiting wineries. The one I did get an appointment for was Marsovin at the waters edge in Valletta, and it was their wines that we saw most often in restaurants.

We especially liked their Cheval Franc estate wine, mostly Cabernet Franc with Syrah.



Marsovin has some good stuff. I’d recommend the Cheval Franc too, and their Antonin, but the most interesting thing is probably this
which is Gellewza-Shiraz made Amarone style, and pretty great.

There is also Meridiana, they have a really pretty looking winery in a very nice spot in the middle of the island, and I think do tours. (Their Isis Chardonnay is nice) http://meridiana.com.mt/


I agree that you should try the Girgentina, and the Isis chardonnay was all right. I’d be less enthusiastic about any of the reds, but you will probably be eating mainly fish.


No wine recommendations, but Marsaxlokk is a beautiful little fishing village and I’ll second Mdina for a visit too. Gozo is also worth a visit if you have time :+1:. Have fun .


Thanks very much everyone - I shall report back with my findings!