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Mallorca wines

Seeing as others have started the trend of ‘holiday’ wine areas, I am going to Mallorca next week, first time abroad for a couple of years.

My family will have no intention of visiting a winery, so unless I can escape for a day, any recommendations kindly given will be for buying to open whilst over there.

I am on the east coast near Cala Millor if that helps.

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Would definitely recommend the wines of 4 kilo’s.
main : 4kilos

I Particularly like their 12 volts blend.


Thanks Leah, good shout. I have tried the 12 volts and agree it is a good wine.

There are a few local wineries in the area, which may be a possibility. Would love to hear from anyone who has visited any.

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Not seeking to monopolise these sorts of travel threads, I am happy to share my experiences none the less. First to say that Mallorca is a brilliant wine destination and the local wines are excellent, interesting and seriously under-appreciated.

We had a week or so on the island in May 2018. The main wine region is Binissalem, which is along the plain just south of the northern highlands, but hey it doesn’t matter as the island is small enough to reach all areas without too much trouble.

I would look up the following wineries
Vins Nadal https://www.vinsnadal.es
Ribas https://bodegaribas.com/en/inicio-english/
Castell Miquel Vineyard - Stairway to Heaven - stunning views from their terrace
José L Ferrer http://www.vinosferrer.com/en/home/ - probably the biggest outfit but decent wines and a huge range of labels
Sebastia Pastor http://sebastiapastor.com/en/ his sparkling brut from 80 % prensal is gorgeous
Miquel Oliver https://miqueloliver.com/?lang=en - probably the best for unusual local varieties
Ous & Caragols Qué beber very nice rosé from mantonegro / callet / giro & gorgolassa I recall
Macia Batle https://www.maciabatle.com/en/ - notably in the heart of Binissalem DO but not part of it as they make labels from varieties not approved in the DO.

All of these are happy with walk -ins but worth checking their websites for times of tours and tastings. The pick of the tours would be Miquel Oliver.

We were also booked to visit Mortitx, Vinyes Mortitx - Wines tours in Mallorca, the highest vineyard on Mallorca, and have lunch there, but fate dealt us a bad hand that day. Driving up into the mountains we were tangled up in an amateur bike race, over the crest of the ridge, we had to brake due to a car in front doing the same but a Dutch cyclist behind us didn’t see and crashed into our rear and literally went through the rear window and onto our back seat ! Thus the day was then spent conveying him to hospital in Alcudia and we missed our lunch date. Luckily he was just cut and bruised.


Thank you so much for all your input, loads to pick through. Glad the accident wasn’t more serious.

I would love to go to at least one of these.


Ca’n Verdura Viticultors - Denominació d’Origen Binissalem (binissalemdo.com)

I’ve also had a really nice Xarel -lo from these guys. It was a couple years back and was called Supernova.


I would add Finca Biniagual in Binnisalem:

We had a marvellous tasting - just the two of us, and loved the wines. There are approachable and quaffable red, white and rose (‘Memories of Biniagual’) but the stars for us were the 100% Mantonegro and the Gran Verán (a fab blend of Mantonegro and Syrah). We actually walked to the winery from Binissalem train station - a fun hour’s walk.


The other one to recommend - though we had no time to visit - is Ànima Negra, which are based in Felantix (South Eastern part of the Island).

Their ÀN2 wine is superb, and their ÀN is supposed to be even better- though was out of our budget.

Have a good trip! :+1::grinning:


Thanks Inbar. All the suggestions sound great. Coming from a one ‘wine drinker’ family, I am not going to convince everyone to come along, and we are not hiring a car, so unless I can jump on a bus the Binissalem area may be out of reach.

However, I am armed with plenty of suggestions to look out for whilst in Palma or in local shops.


The local T1 train runs every 20 mins and will get you from the Playa d’Espanya station to Santa Maria in 15 mins which is right next to Macia Batle, or to Binissalem town 5 minutes on; José Ferrer is a 15 min walk from there, so it’s very doable.


You probably already know about it, but a trip to Sóller is highly recommended - about an hour from Palma, on the gorgeous vintage wooden train. Lovely places to eat lunch and enjoy local wines, and fun to walk around this beautiful little town.



I second that. A much nicer part of Mallorca than down by the south coast. Some splendid walks from Soller up into the mountains, for example the Ruta de Pedra en Sec https://www.abc-mallorca.com/gr221/


Just a few weeks ago we had a great visit to Bodega Ramanya which is not far from Palma. It produces lovely wines and also has an interesting museum which contains numerous things of general historic interest as well as a very nice garden. They were very hospitable too and speak great english. Highly recommended.




We have had two trips to Mallorca over the last ten years or so.
The first when the kids were very small and a visit to Macia Batle was possible and indeed very enjoyable with the tourist train as an attraction.

The second last year when we had teenagers and a visit to a vineyard was very much off the cards.However the wines on the island seem to be in a really good place, especially in what I regard as my personal (arbitrary) holiday wine sweet spot of about 8-10 euros

Hope it goes well!


A big thanks for all your comments. First visit, so will be doing the tourist thing- visiting Palms, vintage train and the Drac caves, which are just down the road from where we are staying.

Anything else will be a bonus. We are going with our two granddaughters aged 4 and 6, so a lot of time will be taken up with them trying to drown me in the pool etc!


Well we arrived safely back from the beautiful Mallorca, despite the best efforts of Manchester airport to spoil holiday (usual inefficient security, check-ins and long delay on way out, and a one and half hour wait for luggage on return) we had a great time.

Due to being on east coast with no transport and being outnumbered 5:1 I didn’t get to visit any wineries, but not disappointed too much. My family loved the area/hotel so much they are talking about going again in September. This is against my usual ideal of not going to exactly the same spot twice; after all there is a huge world to explore, however, I have said if we do go again we must hire a car one day and do a bit of a wine tour. As I am really the only wine lover, finding a designated driver won’t be an issue!

Inbar, my hotel had a couple of bottles of AN2 left for an additional cost of €18.50 on top of the all inclusive rate, so we had those with our meals a few nights. I also bought a bottle of J Ferrer and Ribas to try. JamesB, I bought my Son a bottle of the wine featured last in your photos above too.

We hired bikes a lot, and visited a local nature reserve, caught the tourist train/tram to Soller and Port de Soller, and you are right Inbar Soller is lovely and the surrounding area stunning. We also visited Porto Cristo and the Coves De Drac, which were amazing. Finishes off the tour in huge underground lake/cavern with rowing boats lit up in the darkness with musicians playing classical music.

Thanks again for the recommendations, I hope to use them more fully if we go again.