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Making Society Cellar Collection Public


Hi there everyone.

I have transferred some of my society cellared collection digitally to Cellar Tracker so that I can discuss my collection with other members, review wines and get tips on what’s currently drinking well.

Is there a plan to have this kind of member driven application available at the Wine Society? Being able to make your collection public or private might be very beneficial. Sorry if this has already been discussed.



Sharing cellars on Cellartracker - WIKI

Of course, always happy to discuss ideas :slight_smile:

Can you tell me more about what you are trying to achieve?

You can already log into your reserves list and view the wines and their details, and download a .csv version of this for your records. Is this what you have added to Cellar Tracker?


I’ve individually added my wines to Cellar tracker which means other people can view them and comment on them. So it’s more a social media element I’m looking for where people can upload tasting notes and have access to other peoples collections online.

Have you tested Cellar Tracker?



I recently added my wines to Cellar Tracker as well - hopefully my cellar should be visible from my profile


I have mine on Cellartracker and they are currently visible to registered users.


I think we could create a closed cellar tracker group for registered users, where we could exchange id-s so we can discuss cellars - not sure if that is doable @robert_mcintosh

  • Create closed group for cellartracker users
  • Don’t bother

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It’s more the interactivity that’s helpful and the fact that it’s user generated.


Also since I’m doing all my communicating on my I phone - will there be a WS app over and above what we already have which has a more user friendly application for phones.

I’m sure it’s all in play - thx.


This has been discussed here: Apps thread - relevant comment. I implied exactly the same question and @M1tch answered it.


Great many thx. :+1::+1::+1:


lots of things are possible … what is the particular need for the closed group?

if the cellar tracker IDs are not private, these could be added to profiles, or we could start a post and make it a wiki so everyone can add them to a list of those willing to join the conversation

What do you think?


yes, I guess no need for a closed group, I think a Wiki would work best


Yes I think that’s a good idea. I suppose I was thinking how to make it a special offer for WS members. I quite like the idea of other WS members being able to comment (good or bad) on a collection and recommend when they think vintages are ready to drink. I think it promotes conversation and debate. Of course you can do it individually but an automatic offering would be excellent.