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Makeshift TWSTaste virtual wine tasting themes - what do you have at home?

And delicious.

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I’m up for Northern Italy! Got a nice Schiava I wouldn’t mind opening if the sun still shines… :slight_smile:


Look what I found.
Downside is I was looking for the 99 but seem to have drunk it all.

Could those who have some thalabert do a zoom or some such?


I’ve only had one Thalabert and wasn’t overly impressed but it was only just into it’s drinking window and was probably a little young, especially as it was the TWS window and I think they nearly always start a bit on the young side.

Northern Italy would appeal - I have an Elena Walch Lagrein that is due to be opened sometime soon or a Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella Superiore that is also due to be opened before long (actually that on is little more urgent if it doesn’t want to end up in cooking). I have some others that I’m not really ready to open yet.

I’d still like to see a Musar/Lebanon tasting. I think that could be fun! I’d quite like to open a Musar and A N Other Lebanon to taste side by side! I have St Thomas, Ksara (straight and Le Souveraine), Massaya Gold Reserve and Sendiana.



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North Italy would get my vote.

I’m reading this topic with great interest! Some excellent suggested themes here - @Kelly and I will incorporate this into our plans after the fortified tasting. :wink:

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Ahh, that’s the wine that got me into Thalabert :heart_eyes:


I’ve got a 2013 at home and would be up for it, especially as ‘88 is a birth year wine for me!


What you got planned for next week @Laura?

Anything from the early poll or do the Thalabert / Rhone or Northern Italy appeal?

Northern Italy is a good shout. I’ve a fair old range of things from thereabouts.

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Thumbs up for Northern Italy too! Got a Schiava/Vernatsch/Trollinger I’m itching to open, now the weather is so lovely… Though, as mentioned before, would also LOVE a Beaujolais tasting… :+1::wine_glass:

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Oh gosh! So many good ideas! :smiley:

We’d thought about Rhone as there’d been so much discussion, but it’s not set in stone at all, so to try and get a clearer head on what people want most:

  • Rhone
  • Northern Italy
  • Beaujolais
  • Musar

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Given the recent thread on how Pauillac ages, could we attempt a Bordeaux vertical to see which vintages have stood the test of time, which have failed to live up to the Initial hype (eg for me 1989), those that are still not ready and those “ugly ducklings” that may just have turned out better than expected (1988 has throw up a few surprises)?

This.may also really help to highlight which areas fared best - not just left bank v right but also Margaux v Paulliac v St Julien etc. - in each vintage. Perhaps we could then sum up the results in a Community Vintage Guide based on our scores?


Given the huge popularity for northern Italy in the poll, shall we make next week northern Italy? :smiley:

I think the Musar one could be a nice one-off event rather like the Thalabert @tom is organising - I’m not sure how many Community members have Musar ready to open at home, so if anyone wants to organise that please feel free. There’s also pretty awesome Zoom Musar event being organised by the Tastings team for next week - I’ll get @annaspooner to give some details.

I also love @Lincoln’s idea to do a Bordeaux vertical (similar to the Rioja one a few weeks back?!) to compare different vintages/communes in a big Wiki! Maybe we can do that the week after next?

Then the week after that, I’m thinking maybe we could mix things up with an ‘aromatic whites’ for something a bit more summery, hopefully once the weather improves. :slight_smile: A nice chance to bring out the rieslings and Alsace whites?! :smiley:

If you guys like the sound of this, then the next three weeks will be:

Thurs 30th Apr: Northern Italy
Thurs 7th May: Big Bordeaux ‘Vertical’
Thurs 14th May: Aromatic whites

Sound good? :wine_glass:


Yes please…!! :smiley:

BTW… just shouted to the husband who is working in the other room “Yay!! Next week Northern Italy…” - and he interjected “Oh! Finally lifting the lockdown!!?”
Erm… no! Not quite… Next week Northern Italy virtual tasting…
Sign of times? :expressionless:


I’m up for the first two.

Also Musar but a little too busy to organise right now!

Neither Italy nor Bordeaux really my thang (I’ll duck and run for cover now :rofl:) but I’ll certainly join for the third.

Haha, no problem! Feel free to bring any Bordeaux blend from elsewhere if that helps? :smiley:

Thanks for your help suggesting ideas, by the way, everyone! I’m really excited for the next three events! :smiley:

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