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Makeshift TWSTaste virtual wine tasting themes - what do you have at home?

Perhaps we could also see if we could tick off every chateau of the 1855 classification between us? Even if we don’t open them all. I wonder which wines none of us has?


Ooh, now there’s a challenge…! I think I’ve got a grand total of two in the garage…


I think we should lock in our first tasting date! :wine_glass:

Bordeaux vs the new world (cabernet-merlot blends) is winning - and the Tastings team might have some virtual resources for this one so we’ll save it for a week or so’s time - so for now:

Shall we crack on and do @Lincoln’s excellent idea of all opening a bottle or two of Rioja and seeing how many vintages we can virtually try?

If so, how about the usual time - this Thursday 8-9pm?

Let me know, and I’ll set up a new topic. :smiley:


Rioja wise at the moment I am a little light! I have a magnum of 2005 Tondonia, a few Gravonia’s and one 2010 Rioja Alta Ardanza.

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I have only 2 bottles of Rioja in the house:

I don’t think I’ll be tackling the magnum between the two of us but I could switch the Beef Rendang out for goat toad in the hole and crack the Beronia. No idea what it’s like, or what 2014 was like as a vintage. A friendly man in Majestic told me to buy it as it was nearly half price and I needed to make up the 6 bottles.


Pencil me in. The other half’s got this week off, although she’s willing to go in if the situation starts escalating, so we’ll see.

The practice was eerily quiet last week, like the calm before the storm.


Pencil me in. My current Rioja collection:

1 CVNE Imperial Reserva 10
2 Exhibition Gran Reserva 01
1 Exhibition Gran Reserva 04
1 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 04
1 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 09
1 La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva 09
1 La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva 11
2 La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva 09
1 La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva Selección Especial 10
2 Muga Reserva 15
1 Muga Selección Especial Reserva 12
1 Navajas Crianza 15
1 Urbina Crianza 11
1 Urbina Gran Reserva 04

Zero Rioja in our house - but shall be lurking and reading your impressions :+1:

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I hope she’s keeping well and safe? I admire those on the frontline, and have a couple nurse friends who are constantly on my mind…

I take it the Spring press tasting is cancelled…? :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah, she’s fine :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

So far so quiet in GP-land round here, virus-wise anyway, although they expect that they’ll be assessing suspected cases when it all kicks off, and the PPE situation is as poor here as everywhere else.

It is indeed. In theory, we’re all able to make the July tasting, but that’s very much a matter of wait and see, and I’m personally not expecting normality to have resumed by then.


I think we have 08 and 09 Ardanza, 05 Bosconia and TWS exhibition GR 01 in reach.

Had a bottle of the 01 GR the other week - you are in for a treat @laura, it was cracking.

Might be short of a good food match at our place at this stage…


Have an Arana 2011 and nothing to do. See you all on Thursday. Now what to cook?

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Still a couple of these beauties in the cellar. But will leave to others for this tasting.

Had a lovely Muga seleccion especial '06 just last week, so will dig out a bottle of Campo Viejo’s Dominio 2011. Rated exceptional in Decanter march 2017. Was a lovely drop last time.

Thursdays usually badminton night, hence lack of presence at paste Tastes.
And please, to make it clear to @szaki1974, I am a left bank Bordeauxophile, but can always squeeze in a good Rioja


Well, as it happens, I have a few portions of this

tucked away in the freezer. It would seem rude not to pull one out, maybe with a couple of doorstops of freshly baked bread. Okay so it’s not autumn but it is a chilly sort of spring so that’ll have to do!

Hmmmm, looking forward to it! :smiley:

I can also squeeze in a good Rioja… or a bad one for that matter… and will be at the Thursday tasting.


Thanks man, very prompt too. I’ll see if I can get the kids to cook it for me. Badge it as home school technology lesson.

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I change my vote to weekly… this social distancing thing is getting to me. Can we have one next week, too, please.



Certainly on-board with this…might not have any Rioja in the house, but definitely can lay my hands on a bottle of Burgundy!


I’m up for that. Time to crack open the bottles I’ve been saving for the rainy day that never comes :+1:

Yes please :+1::+1::+1: