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Makeshift TWSTaste virtual wine tasting themes - what do you have at home?

Hi everyone!

I’m getting close to announcing the virtual tastings dates/plans for the coming weeks. Because of incredibly high demand (which might well impact delivery times for some of you) I’m thinking to start with, rather than asking you to place an order for specific wines, we can all explore different styles/themes of wines based on what we already have in!

Here’s some ideas for themes (based on things we had planned as real-life tastings, and also based on some of the styles you guys discuss most frequently!), and I’d love you to vote for wines you think you have, and suggest other themes?

  • Cabernet-merlot blends around the world (Bordeaux vs new world if you have it)
  • Your weirdest wine (obscure grapes/styles from off the beaten track)
  • Rioja
  • Fortified/sherry
  • Mature bottles (potentially vs younger bottles of anything similar?)
  • Something special (red or white)
  • Northern vs Southern Rhone
  • Burgundy vs New World (pinot noir and chardonnay)
  • Tour de France (something from classic French regions - white Burgundy, red Bordeaux, red Rhone?)
  • New World classics (Argentine malbec, Aussie shiraz, NZ sauvignon)
  • Aromatic whites (viognier, gewurztraminer, riesling, muscat, sauvignon etc)
  • Sparkling wines from around the world

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What do you think?


Oh god, let it not be Rioja. :wink: sorry @robert_mcintosh


I’m sure it will be ok…:wink:

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…any excuse to open up a 1978 Castillo Ygay.


Voted. Fortified/sherry would be interesting but I couldn’t finish all the opened bottles on my own

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@szaki1974 is going to take out half a dozen new shares under false names/addresses, just to push Rioja down a few ranks.


Saying all this… I do have a bottle of Rioja at home, so bring it on.


These sound like a great idea!

Funny, but not unsurprising how badly New World Classics are doing. Interesting way to gauge members’ home stock distribution.

Rioja on the other hand not funny and surprising… :wink:


Great idea, @Laura! Very much in the make/do/mend/work-with-what-you-got zeitgeist. And some really good choices there, too! :+1:

Slightly off topic, but it’s not unlike looking at what actually remained on the supermarket shelves today. No UHT milk whatsoever in any shop - but LOTS of those odd ‘pea/coconut/oat/almond’ milk looking rather forlorn and not all that cool all of a sudden.


But that’s all I’ve got :wink:

On a more serious note, any drinks and chat with friends will be great. This isolation, ironically, is giving me a chance to actually take part, so even if I don’t have a bottle, I’ll try to take part and say hello!


It is good to see you back!

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Perhaps a virtual vertical?

Failing that perhaps we could try and field as many vintages of Rioja as possible from 1978 onwards?


That is a GREAT idea! Would love to see how many different vintages we’ve all got between us and have a giant taste-along exploring how Rioja ages. :heart_eyes:

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I like it! I wonder if we could even manage to mostly get the same wine :thinking:

Here’s what i have to hand:

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Just been rummaging around the Eurocave and I have easily to hand:-

Ygay Gran Reserva 1989 ( I think I may also have 1987 buried somewhere)
Murrieta Reserva 1994
Ardanza 2001 Reserva Especial
Cerro Anon Gran Reserva 2010
Selection 874 Rioja Alta 2013


These are what I have to hand:

Vintage Description
2001 La Rioja Alta, 904, Gran Reserva (2)
2005 Castillo Ygay, Gran Reserva Especial
1978 Castillo Ygay, Gran Reserva Especial
2010 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva (2)
2004 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva (Magnum)

We could have a multi-cuvee Alta spectacular!


I have, er, a bottle of the Society’s Rioja 2016. Although I see Rioja’s now neck-and-neck with Bordeaux blends. This is getting tense.