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Magnums at Parties

It’s a birthday with a zero at the end for me in a few weeks time.

I was debating getting some magnums for a party to make it feel a bit more special. I can see a lot of negatives to this, especially after a few have been drunk with people trying to pour from them and it getting a bit messy etc.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of large format + people?

(also any recommendations for reasonably price good wine in larger formats gratefully received!)

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Had this Champagne at Christmas which was a very good 100% Pinot Noir and just under £52

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Sounds fun!

Depends on the party. I normally drink magnums with family (my dad is a thirsty wine drinker), though occasionally with friends. Kind of depends on your friends I guess - can they be trusted to pour responsibly?!?!

Loads to choose from at TWS , but these are all very good value (not tried the 2016 CDR, though excellent vintage)

(maybe not sunny enough for rose though)

Magnum-sized flutes are also very nice - great for a party


Magnum sized flutes would be great and I am on an unseasonable Riesling kick at the moment.

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For my fourtieth last year I served all the still wine only in magnum for 30 adults. Magnum size bordeaux bottles, burgundy bottles, taller than bordeaux bottles (I see you, Domaine Triennes Rosé) and the Miraval bottle. It was a sunny day, people drank freely, and yet there were no issues with pouring as far as I saw. I kept them in buckets of icewater until I opened them, then spilled the water out. Did so regularly to stop them flopping over and diluting. Kept a small table nearby. If anything, I’d say the mag made people more carefull, not less.

Was awesome and 100% would do again without hesitation


Good choices here.

As alternatives, we also enjoyed the Maby Lirac red 2016 and Gardies Glacieres white at Christmas. Check out:


And, to answer your other question, magnums do make a bit of a splash at parties. In a good way!

People tend to think they’re quite special, which may also make them predisposed to enjoy the contents even more.


Using magnums, or even larger bottles, does definitely add a wow factor to parties. The only drawback that I have experienced is when the bottle turns out to be corked. Double whammy compared to a single bottle…


@strawpig I think you’ve already answered you own question. Best to source some good value bottles (whatever the quality level you seek) and serve via those. People and big bottles are a massive no-no…very messy!

This is a nice white and not to pricey.
Soave Ca`Visco, Coffele 2016

As for the undoubted messiness; you require staff! Not sure if your budget stretches to a butler or two?