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Magnum of 2013 Rubicon

This weekend we enjoyed a delicious magnum of 2013 Rubicon with a family gathering (strictly in accordance with guidelines). We heard from one of our group about developments in SA.
In February, all alcohol sales were banned for local consumption and export. The situation has changed whereby local sales are still banned but exports are permitted. It is predicted that 20% of wine producers in SA could disappear. Sadly, the government is said to be lining up their land for redistribution to party members who deserve a reward. The tourist industry in SA is at a standstill, and it is the tourists ( both local and foreign) who are a main support of the wine producers.
We do not buy much SA wine (apart from Rubicon) and have no links to the wine business there. However, we feel obliged to change tack and try and help the folks down there survive. So family and friends can expect SA wines for Christmas.
The last restaurant we visited that had Rubicon on their list was Simpons on the Strand. It has been a star from Meerlust over many years and I was happy to buy a stash en primeur from TWS some years ago.


Well said

I have one resting in the garage and was planning on keeping it a year or two but your exuberance draws one to reconsider …

Anyone with experience of older vintages of Rubicon? I have 2008 and 2010 in bottle. Probably time to drink up…

I had 2009 but it went a few years ago (the three vintages came in a trilogy case) and was, I must admit, not remarkable.

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Haven’t had one for years, but this was always a 15-20 year wine, no?

My own sense was that 15-20 years would be the absolute max max max I’d age them but, as always with older wines, taste may vary.

I’ll wait for an excuse to perhaps open both against 14/15 which some seem to like young…

I had a bottle of 2009 last week and it was wonderful. I would not hesitate to cellar for a few more years, but drinking beautifully now. Lots of savoury herbs. Greg Sherwood MW did a vertical in 2018. You can find it here. He believes that most vintages have a very long drinking window. Obviously it depends on how you like to drink them. Ten years is about right for me most of the time.


Hi @Plonker, you may be interested in these threads where there is a lot of conversataion around what’s currently happening in south Africa and how it is affecting the wine community.


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Thanks for the feedback.
The wine industry in SA does not live on the income from exports alone. It needs the tourist infrastructure too. Lets hope the situation improves soon, but in the meantime, we should all buy as much as we can.
As for my 2013 Rubicon, it was perfectly delicious and quite ready to be served (as per TWS). I have another 11 magnums in the cellar, and will get through them slowly. I also have a healthy selection of wines back to 1989, so I can pick and choose at my leisure. If there is any particular challenge, there are too many bottles for special occasions, so we are obliged to invent “occasions” in order to drink wines that we would never dream of buying at present day prices.


Thank you for the reference. Visited Capetwon last and spent a great week touring Stellebosch including Meerlust. Hitherto hadn’t paid much attention to SA wines but the quality/value quotient now makes it my wine of choice. Good that TWS has championed these wines with EP offer.


I can attest to the longevity of Rubicon, I had a magnum of 1984 a couple of years back at it was superb (I think this may have been the first year of production) since then I’ve decided to cellar my Rubicon for the longer term, I’d not previously thought of SA wine as for the long haul perhaps because, compared to Bordeaux etc, it remains relatively inexpensive, but the 84 taught me a lesson.


Thanks for the feedbacks.
The remaining 5 will be left for a few more years, and I look forward to enjoying them!