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Magical Mystery Bottle


OK confession time…

I was very much in the “this is a gimmick and what’s the point” camp with this strategy.

However having ordered my 33 bottles of wine and arranged for delivery today I thought no more about the free bottles as I had ordered over 15 and would not qualify. My delight was all the greater therefore when I opened my boxes to discover not one but two free bottles of TWS Slovenian white. Not something I would have ordered and I was most pleased.

As an aside I must also give high praise to the driver (TWS van) who remembered coming here ten years ago in the dark and recognised the place. A chat about this and that was forthcoming along with the news that he had just come from one of his regulars in Yeovil, I wonder if it was Herbster…


Fair play to them! That’s a lovely drop as well, must remember to buy some of that again when I get the chance.

Hmmm, don’t think I’ve ever had the actual Wine Society van - it never seems to be out and about on the right day. But that means there’s another wine nerd somewhere in this town! Now to track them down…


I’m stalking you Herbster, we moved to Yeovil in March! But I didn’t think my delivery the other day was a WS van, and even then I’m shocked if I can be considered a “regular” after less than 4 months… (checks recent order history just in case)


You got the Young & Crazy as your freebie? That qualifies as a big win as far as I’m concerned :+1:


So there are three of us! :laughing:
Whereabouts are you? We’re on Abbey Manor, near the shops.


Looks to me like you guys have a nascent Yeovil tasting group going there!

I confess the I’ve only been there a few times over the years and then only to give training courses to British Aerospace (or BAE Systems as it’s now known).


Happily, I did. I take it you’ve tasted it?


its like liquid rhubarb in a glass @Maryc. In a good way of course.


Yeah I had it a few months ago and it’s found its way into my last order as well. Slightly Beaujolais-ish, can definitely spend 20 minutes in the fridge before opening. A very enjoyable drop!


Oh you’re in the nice bit :grin: we’re at the bottom of Mudford Road opposite the college.

Any other potential members of the Yeovil / Such Somerset tasting group out there? Probably a different thread!


Sounds delicious. Rhubarb crumble is on Sunday’s dinner menu. I love rhubarb, so the anticipation is building.


That is a surprise, I thought it might be quite full-bodied. We have some Italian wine loving visitors this weekend and had an Etna Rosso tonight and a Barolo planned for Sunday - I might have to squeeze the Young and Crazy into the menu somehow.


Nice! Now, there must be more of us out there somewhere…!

And we’re easy to stalk - the identical twin girls with bright ginger curly hair make us very conspicuous when we’re out and about…!


Case of 12 ordered in plenty of time… delay 'cos 1 bottle was recently arrived in stock… delivery Mon 8th July. DUH! no freebie. Qualify is by date of delivery, not date of order. ‘always read the small print’.

More than happy with my 12 bottles.