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Magical Mystery Bottle


You’re not wrong there - she’s actually 18, it’s a jeraboam, and I have the hands of a giant!


Complainers = too many people with too much free time on their hands. It’s a first world problem.

Thank you Wine Society for the extra bottle.


I am very pleased with my free bottle. I thought it was a fun promotion, with an element of surprise and I am always happy to receive a free bottle of wine. It was the Hoheburg Riesling, which I have ordered before on a number of occasions and which I love, and it makes up for my disappointment of not being Gary Golden Bottle! :laughing:


Is it maybe time to declare that this horse is no more? I find it strangely compelling thread but at the same time slightly unedifying. But maybe that’s just me………


You make that sound like a bad thing! I’m looking forward to the delivery of a mixed case on Monday, so I’m planning to report here on my mystery bottle. My mixed case is a combination of bottles suggested by the Italian offer, a few bottles picked up from recommendations here (on the current pinot noir thread for instance,) and then a couple of bottles of tried & true favourites. So it’s all good! (My mystery bottle better be :angry::thinking:)


Sorry I meant the thread not the bottle!


Absolutely, Mate - we enjoyed our freebie - a South Australian Adelaide Hills Chardonnay - and will most probably buy that in future. If we hadn’t enjoyed what we got, we would have put that down to experience; it’s always useful to know what you don’t like. But we certainly would not have complained about it! David B.


Just back from Stevenage - what fantastic meal and wines we had, and some interesting discussions around our table (who knew one can solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict over 6 bottles of wine!)… but anyway - collected my order, and this handsome free bottle in it:

Looking forward to opening it in due course! :smile:

Happy Friday, all :clinking_glasses:


How many bottles more to solve the Brexit problems? (Sorry!)


Ah, those bottle are yet to be invented! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve only just picked up on this thread about the mystery thirteenth bottle, but I’m now a bit worried because (enticed by the offer) I ordered a case earlier in the week. However, I got a bit carried away and made the order 18 bottles (mainly because I — apparently wrongly — assumed that would make more sense for TWS than a number between 12 and 18, for packaging reasons). So now, if I read what people have said here correctly, I am NOT going to get my mystery bottle because I ordered 18 rather than 12-15. Is that right? Should I therefore cancel, re-submit two orders, and add to TWS’s administrative burden? I also this week ordered a 4th July Mixed 12 Case — will I get my mystery bottle with that one I wonder? Help!


So the Kaap Plaas semillon sav is rather good for a cheapie.
Good fruit, nice balance, better with food. My daughter and whisper it, boyfriend gave me a taste.


Score! We really enjoyed that (paid for) Three Choirs last week!


Just got an email from DHL, my case of wine which was booked for Monday delivery, will be delivered today (Saturday) between 9:25 and 10:25! This is very welcome news, because I’d be home anyway and it leaves my Monday freer than it was.

I’m surprised though; is it common to deliver on an earlier day, at short notice?

(This might sound off-topic; but not really, since I’m anticipating MYSTERY BOTTLE.) :+1:t4::pray:t3:

Edit: Arrived 09:24, one minute early. The driver told me it’s so quiet, they are delivering Monday packages on Saturday.


Yes, that’s mine too, and I’m very happy with it!


Mystery is, Egri Bikaver! In fact, I almost ordered that very bottle, since I’m fond of it - there’s one I drink regularly in New York, so I’m curious to see how this compares. The Martin Wasserstein Spatburgunder, I ordered because of a recommendation here (pn thread.)

(Edit: just noticed spellcheck changed “Wassmer” to “Wasserstein”. Weird! Sorry about that.)


This has happened to me two or three times now…scheduled a Monday delivery (when I know I’ll be in) and it arrives on Saturday (when I’ve not been in, or it’s been pot luck that there is someone there). All adds to the magical mystery… :wink:


Thread drift alert;

This really bothers me. I have been hearing about this on various threads and wondering how to ensure it is delivered on the day stipulated. I do not want posh burgundy, champagne et al waiting around outside cos it suits a delivery schedule. I have never had this problem with any other merchant I have used. TWS get your s**t together.

Does this happen with DHL only or with the society vans as well?


Yes it does happen with the (previously reliable) Society van. Last time I ordered they delivered my three cases of wine two hours early (when of course I wasn’t there but could have been) so they dumped it all on a neighbour. I was so embarrassed. Why didn’t they phone me? New staff? Dropping standards?


I’ve never had a problem with TWS vans. DHL though.