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Magical Mystery Bottle


It sort of is -

The promotional bottles are supplied by The Wine Society at The Wine Society’s choice.

I appreciate you’d prefer to have a bottle of wine that matches your taste in wine, but that’s unfortunately completely impractical given the sheer number of orders we’re packing (thousands upon thousands) - we just don’t have time or resource to analyse each order and add an appropriate bottle. I’m sorry if you felt the promotion was supposed to supply a reward specific to the amount you spent, but I’m afraid that was never the point of this promotion - it was just a bit of fun to reward members with a free bottle of wine.

We also like the idea that people are hopefully getting a bottle they might otherwise not have tried so they can explore a new wine. So the randomness works from a practical perspective as well as adding to the fun! :smiley:

Maybe try the bottle first and see if you enjoy it? You may well be pleasantly surprised…


Aw man, that’s a good one! :smiley: I’m hoping for something similar in my case (when I finally get around to ordering it…!)

Maybe we can have a little roundup of what people thought of their mystery bottles at the next TWSTaste…!


I suppose I could equally ask - where does it say that one would receive a bottle which reflects their spending?

As mentioned by other members on this thread, this is a little ‘thank you’ to members, nothing more nothing less. It’s baffling how much negativity a gesture such as this can generate…!


More accurately a thank you to the subset of members who happen to be purchasing a case within the offer time limits.


Yes (actually someone asked this earlier, but I’m counting it as a new question!) 8.


Sure, but no members are restricted from ordering in this period. If they all ordered, they’d all get a free bottle. It’s fair.


Honestly, I cannot believe some of the things I’ve read about this promotion. Absolutely unbelievable. I hope the marketing team don’t read this and get disheartened. You’re doing a great job.

When we do a promotion in my industry, often clients have to opt-in to be part of it - even if they doesn’t actually have to do anything in particular to benefit from the promo itself.

If this complete dissection of every decision the WS makes were to happen every time they should introduce an opt-out. That way, if you’re so fantastically offended by a promotion you can choose not to be part of it.


So now the free stuff isn’t valuable enough??

I’ve just realised that I can mute a topic so it doesn’t appear on my home screen any more, which means I won’t feel tempted to click on it, read it and shake my head in disbelief at the gobsmacking sense of entitlement.

That’s better.


who choose to (open and publicised to all members)


This is probably wise, but it does deny you excellent opportunities to write pithy ripostes.


You always wonder just WHO are the sorts who write into a local paper about how garden hedges aren’t trimmed enough anymore or the crisis of a (gasps) chain coffee shop opening next to the local vicarage…


Yeah… so i’m just going to leave this here!!
Oh and also… if anyone is so disappointed with their FREE bottle… I’m happy to help you out and take donations :smiley:……… Seriously…!


@AnneC - is it this? :wink:


I doubt you can get much better value for £7.5…


Just putting this out there…

Maybe @laura can answer?

What if the magical mystery bottle is corked, oxidised or spoiled in some way? Is this the equivalent of not receiving it and if you complained to customer services you would receive a £10 credit?

Just playing devil’s advocate :smiling_imp:


Yes! Unlike the other recipient I’m perfectly happy with it. I don’t see why it should relate to the amount spent at all - the fact that I spent less than half of what s/he did is beside the point (it’s been an expensive month!) and it’s something I probably wouldn’t have bought. It seems to me that far too many knickers have been twisted over a harmless way to increase sales at a slow time of year and to offload surpluses.


Haha, it’s a fair question!
Like all our wine, your mystery bottle is covered by The Society’s Promise. :wink:


is that stated in the T&C s ?!? :rofl::wink:


No, they’ve probably just printed out the profile pics of the negative nellies and are using them to cover the staff canteen dart board :wink: :innocent:


I think you did very well there Bob, that is an enormous free bottle judging by the size of your ‘little’ girl :joy: