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Magical Mystery Bottle


I heard a story once (no idea if true or an urban legend, probably the latter) about a couple on holiday who booked one of those mystery tours and ended up back in their home town. Apparently they went home had a cup of tea and checked the post.


Knowing a bit about SA wine, I can almost guarantee that the wine is made at Waterkloof, as Boutinot are their owners. Their cheap stuff is False Bay and Percheron and then they make some much higher end wines usually under the Circumstance brand


I used to do occasional coach driving, and one winter was doing shuttle work based at Luton Airport. Flights were being diverted, and I had a couple on board for a transfer. They lived within sight of Manchester Airport, but could not get a flight from there, so travelled to Luton.
Their bad weather enforced departure airport that I took them to …Manchester.
Nothing to do with wine…but hey ho!


Virgin Trains still running these every Sunday


An email has arrived in my in box today 2nd july. This offer states Order For delivery or pre-order between 17th June and 5th July

From past experience i know theres no way that i could get my order delivered by friday. So whats the point in sending such an email? My orders by Wine society van are usually delivered from one week to two weeks from the point of order.


All that arrived today was a reminder that this order is soon coming to an end… kind of last orders bell, not the original order. It might be that some people will not be able to put in an order for delivery Friday now, but quite a few still can plus you can order for pickup at the showroom, too (for the lucky few who can make it there this week).

Free bottle offer - email arrived 2nd July pm, offer started 17th June!

I just came here to comment on the email I received this afternoon promoting a free bottle offer that has been valid since 17th June and expires on 5th July. There was a comment already here and I was going to reply to it, but in the time it took me to reset my password you appear to have closed the discussion down.

So, why are you sending members an offer that is two weeks in, with no time actually to take advantage of it? And why did you close the discussion down?


see an explanation here - Magical Mystery Bottle

the discussion was merged with another on the topic


Hi Sue,
I didn’t close the discussion - we already have a topic about this offer with lots of discussion so I moved it there. I’m going to transfer your post over to it now so you can add to the chat there. :slight_smile:


Never heard of this and unlikely to have considered it either, so a good choice by the WS and one happy member down in Somerset at least :grin:

(Struggling with all the negativity above…)


I could have delivery by Thursday, using carrier(DHL) and I think it applies to collection too. There click and collect too, no idea about that one, but a friend swears by it, I even pass the pick up point daily but why wouldn’t you have it delivery to your home.


…although I can’t find it on the WS website so if anyone can tell me anything at all about it then I’d be grateful!


There you go… :slight_smile:


Beat me to it!


And…it’s a lovely full fruity wine


Yeah I also had a bottle of that Egri Bikaver earlier in the year and it was a good wine and interesting. My notes on this very forum say “Liquorice and cassis on the nose, brambley berries and jam in the gass. Really nice.”

Hope you enjoy it!


Hope to get something awesome with this…!

Can’t wait to try that nz gamay in particular :grin:


That Semillon is fantastic! :+1::+1:


Just managed to get this in for delivery on Friday. All brand new to me (although have tried a previous vintage of the Bohorquez Duero), looking forward to some summery reds.

Hoping for another discovery for my Magical Mystery Bottle :smile:


Oooo so glad you said that @Inbar I’ve had some pretty ropey semillon which has tasted like weak lime cordial. What’s your purchasing been this week?