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Magical Mystery Bottle


That first one was at the press tasting and i loved it! Saw the Hungarian and tempted but resisted. I just love dis ivering new Rosés every summer :slight_smile:


I’ve had fifteen bottle boxes delivered, in fact I have an empty one stashed for transporting wines when I’m away for a couple of months! It’s not the same as buying a ‘case’ which is always 6 or 12, I think, but they deliver in, I think, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 bottle boxes.


The society 100% has 15 bottle cases

Source: have placed orders for inbetween 13-15 bottles before and that’s what they came in.

They have a 2 pack IIRC too (might have been a 3 with one empty)


Sounds like someone over ordered the 15 bottle boxes… :wink:


So, I am feeling rather foolish for putting in an order last night just before all these new wines and offers were released today. What to do? Cancel it and start again? :thinking:


This is good timing — rosé stocks looking a bit low, white side of the rack positively empty (relatively speaking!)

Had this at the weekend — delicious — more on the way!

Favourite summer roses 2019?

This is great @laura, it was stocked about a year and a half ago and I’ve recently taken delivery of more a couple of weeks back! Definitely recommend it :wink:.


What will the value of the ‘free’ wine be? Under £7.50 would be my guess.

I’d rather have a % reduction on a 12 bottle case and put it towards a wine I actually want.



Hi Laura. I’ll be adding a bottle or two of this to my next order ( sediment alert )…

…only proviso, I haven’t tried it yet but here’s hoping it’s every bit as good as the previous vintage, which, for my taste-buds, offered remarkable flavour and complexity for the money. P.S. the 2017 wasn’t actually orange more a lustrous golden colour.


Took the words right out of my mouth Embee. Does this mean that when ordering one would receive a case of twelve and an extra one bottle box? How wasteful is that. This doesn’t sound very well thought out does it?
A further thing I’d consider is order eleven bottles and get your cheapest bottle duplicated (up to £10 for example) Surely a better more cost effective delivery option too.


Darn it, you’ve sussed it! :wink:

I think from the T&Cs it’s to do with the delivery/collection date (between 17th and 5th July) not the order date, but if you give Member Services a quick ring they can confirm whether you’ve qualified/if there’s a way they can help you qualify! :slight_smile:

That has gone STRAIGHT on my wish list! :heart_eyes: Way over my budget but what the heck! I’ve never tried an over-£25 rose… I’m scared it’ll become a habit now!

I visited this winery last year with @Freddy when we first discovered these guys! :smiley: I absolutely love this wine and the winemakers were so lovely that I can’t imagine the new vintage will be anything but delish! @Ewan I saw you had some of this last week (thanks to Instagram!) was it the 2018?

No thankfully, we’re using 15-bottle cases so there’s no waste! :slight_smile: We also apparently have 13-bottle cases we’re using! As @MikeFranklin confirmed (excellent knowledge, by the way! :smiley: ) we have variously-sized cases, and it’s been very much a group project involving everyone from buying to distribution, so not to worry, we’ve definitely thought it through. :wink:


Almost like one of you does this sort of thing for a living.


It was one of the last bottles of the 2017 - still delish! :sunglasses:


You’re right. :+1: We have 1-, 2-, 3-, 6-, 12-, 13- and 15-bottle cases.


A 13-bottle case? Just out of interest how does that work?

(Actually I have a 13-bottle order due for delivery tomorrow, so I may find that out soon enough).


It’s a 12-bottle case with a recess scooped out of the ‘filler’ where a 13th bottle can lay across the top of (in between) the others. But you’ll see soon enough, as you say :slight_smile:


Maybe you can post a pic of the box to show everyone when yours arrives, @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! :smiley:


Thanks @laura, member services have indeed confirmed you are correct and my order qualifies :grinning:


Laura, it seems Ewen thinks differently?
It’s a 12-bottle case with a recess scooped out of the ‘filler’ where a 13th bottle can lay across the top of (in between) the others. But you’ll see soon enough, as you say.