Madeira wine

Calling Madeira fans.
I’m looking for recommendations from the WS list. I’ve read the (generally positive) reviews and am toying with buying the Terrantez.
Opinions please.

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Blandy’s Terrantez, 20 years old 50cl - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society
Would love to try it too!

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Leah, I’m in Sutton Coldfield and I think you’re in north-east. Have to meet in M1 services - please bring glass!


Not a huge range right now! My favourite of what they’ve got in my favourite it the

this is lovely too

I’m oddly anti Terrantez even though I know it’s [Important edit: NOT] Torrontes.


Thanks for the response Strawpig. I’ve ordered a bottle of Terrantez (ouch) and will report back.
btw It’s a different grape to Torrontes (ref. Jancis Robinson ‘Wine Grapes’). This an obscure variety that originated on Madeira but there’s only 2 ha. left. This piqued my interest as much as the wine. Might try the Sercial that you recommended. Love Madeira wine.

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I meant to put an “I know it’s not Torrontes”. I really don’t like Torrontes. I’ve had a couple of Tarrantez vintage (a '77 and an '80) madeiras and they we both really good, but I’m still slightly biased against it because of the similarity in name.

My go to tends to be Bual, so I am toying with treating myself to a bottle of


I have a bottle of that open (bought from Waitrose for £19-ish in the 25% off). I had a glass that I wasn’t paying close attention to, but first impression was all in the right place but not terribly exciting. I’ll try to remember to pay closer attentiion and report properly when I next have a glass. It’s a pity (as with so much else) that the prices are so much higher than they used to be.

Edit: oops, misremembered. I have a bottle of Blandy’s open, not H+H.

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That’s a shame.

Prices do seem to have shot up in the past couple of years even. I’m pretty sure I was buying 15 year old’s at less than they’re charging for the 10s now.

It’s odd, when I was in Madeira, Blandy’s have the best tourist tour, but they brainwash you with the phrase “Blandy’s, which is the premium brand” over and over, and it’s stuck, despite me much preferring several other houses, H+H and d’Oliverias particularly. Given how much I enjoy the Rainwater from the Society, I should probably investigate more of Barbeito’s range too.

At the fortified wine tasting some months ago I managed to taste 4 different madeira’s (just what was open in the cupboard - I know!). My main conclusion was to pay extra for 15 year, it just delivered so much more interesting flavours. Although I’d had them some time so the 15 years might effectively had been 20 or 25 years :slight_smile:

I’d go with 15 year H + H Verdelho, this was my favourite. Waitrose are stocking it.


I haven’t really developed a view on house vs house, but I’ve only just finished my small stock of vintage stuff (bought at prices which now look absurd), where I suppose the specifics may matter more than the house. I should really organize myself to do some tastings (at least for Sercial, which I tend to gravitate to) to see what I like - and can afford. After all, the stuff lasts forever, so you don’t have the normal problem of ending up with insane quantities of wine open doing tastings in near-isolation.

Thanks for the heads up. This thread has taught me that I currently have NO Madeira in stock, so I may amble that way and pick some up. I should also make use of the fact that I live in “Little Portugal” and visit one of the deli’s and see what they have.

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Bang for buck I’m with you.

I thought the 20yo Terrantez just too expensive. It is a lovely bottle but not at £50/50cl. And not all that exciting, which is odd for a Terrantez.

I’m not sure where you find them now but Barbieto make lovely vintage dated wines, single barrel wines and the like which were beautifully piercing and layered for around the same price as the 20yo Terrantez

Also a shout out to for D’Oliveira’s 1988 Terrantez which was cheaper and I liked better than the 1977 which was a bit of a difficult wine to drink, as the bigger madeiras can be.

Sorry TWS but there really isn’t anything I can wholeheartedly recommend in the madeira range currently offered.


My thanks for all the tips and advice about Madeira. Richard Morris and I will be posting the result of our tasting the Terrantez 20 yo on the Talk the Cork blog. It will be interesting to see if it stands up to its £51/50 cl. price tag.