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Mac Forbes - Mixed Case

I joined the Webmaker Anzac Day zoom event this morning - brilliant!

First one of these events I have joined but will be doping more. Highly informative and great to hear directly from a winemaker. I really enjoyed it!

Begs the question - can TWS offer a mixed box of Macs wines for members to sample and enjoy? Everything on the website is full boxes of the same wine but I would like to try a selection with maybe an online tasting?



I also joined the session today and thought it was great - very informative and Mac was straightforward in the way that only an Aussie could be.

A mixed case of Mac’s wines is a great idea. I’d definitely be a buyer.


I was in there too, great talk, very engaging. I’d like some of the a Blind Spot Dolcetto, but it seems to have disappeared already


I’ve had the Blind Spot arneis (which I wasn’t wowed by) and the montepulciano blend (which is excellent!). I’ve also been lucky enough to try his own name Nebbiolo (which I picked up from Specialist Cellars in Brixton), which was delicious!

I’d be all for a mixed case of either Blind Spot, Mac Forbes or a combination!


The RS19 is awesome too.

Is the video available for replay anywhere?

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I will post the video here tomorrow along with Mac’s answers to the questions we weren’t able to get to during the session.

With regards to mixed cases, we are working on making it possible for members to order curated producer cases following our virtual events. We are also working on creating mixed cases that feature the producers that we will have joining us at these events, with lots more events to be released over the coming weeks.

Unfortunately there will be a bit of a delay in being able to offer these mixed cases but I hope that you will continue to enjoy the conversations and presentations we share in the meantime.

@Leah - It was great to see the next generation of TWS members enjoying the photos of the next generation of winemakers in action.


Hi Tim, could you clarify something for me. These virtual events are described as “masterclasses” and as “virtual tastings”, could you clarify which they really are. The descriptions of the Musar and the Rioja events both sound more like informational presentations rather than tastings; in the latter I would expect the presenters to taste and comment on what to expect in a particular wine and/or vintage.

The reason I ask is if they are pure knowledge presentation ie. all about the history, terroir, style, winemaking etc. then I’d happily have any glass of wine whilst I’m listening but if it’s specifically about the taste ie. a tasting then I rather have the same or similar to taste myself. (Please note that I’m very interested in both types!)

Yes it might be better to have the appropriate wine regardless but I don’t get through a bottle of wine a night and with the current frequency of events (for which I’m very grateful) I simply can’t be opening a fresh bottle of ‘appropriate’ wine for each one as I’d end up with loads of opened and unfinished wines.

So if it’s really a tasting then I’ll open an appropriate bottle, otherwise I’ll open or continue with whatever takes my fancy! :wink:


Mike - I’ll admit that we still haven’t nailed the language in describing these events, largely because it is such a moving beast and all quite new.

Whilst we aren’t able to get wine as quickly as we would like to our members, the events will tend to focus on the wider context of a winery or region rather than any specific wines, so opening any wine would be appropriate.

That being said, for events where a specific wine will be tasted, we will include that in the event copy. We have done this with the Musar event where Gaston and Pierre are likely to briefly discuss the 2012 and 2013 Musar and 2017 Hochar. But as we know the majority of those participating won’t have those wines open, we will keep this brief

My expectation is that in time we will be able to categorise the different events more descriptively e.g A conversation with…, an audience with…, a tasting with…, a masterclass with … etc. Then once we have the systems and capability of offering wine to accompany our events we will expand the virtual event programme even further.


Yes, whilst I do have some '12s I’m not planning on opening them for a good 5+ years. But it will be interesting to hear what they are expecting of them!

And that’s all fine; whilst I enjoy all types on info/tastings it’s good to know what to expect especially as some of these wines are best opened some while beforehand!

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Thank your lucky stars my mic was off :crazy_face:
I’ll look forward to a Mac Forbes case when it becomes available too. The RS19 is fabulous!


At 10am ??? :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Based on the 67 Pall Mall Musar talk I’m rethinking when I open mine. The middle phase is not appealing to me - I think a few I’v opened and not fully enjoyed were in this phase and I thought they were cooked due to imperfect storage conditions. A few more years they may have bounced back to life.

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Agreed, and I definitely have a preference for well matured wines.