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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


I could be interested in such a venture


have you ever done the whisky equivalent ?


this is the volnay @Jcmwooldridge and i spotted in M&S - normally £70 down to £32.50


Not yet :smiley:


Found this in my local.


if you can do it by yourself that’s great…else it can get a bit ‘Funny’

Ex colleague was part of a syndicate - two died before maturity and there were legal issues with the estate and ended up buying out the shares …at current market rate !

He enjoyed the whisky…and so did I :slight_smile:


There are several different Hospices de Beaune Volnay cuvees. Earlier this year M&S were selling the 2015 Cuvee Blondeau at around £30 a bottle - I snapped up three (all they had locally) for my cellar. I didn’t know they did the General Muteau as well. If that pops up in a store near me I’ll definitely be buying some.


Also seen today in the Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield branch.


Found it in Merry Hill Shopping Centre today - duly bought it!


Good value then?

I’d want it to be stunning for that price, it would be pretty close to the most expensive bottle I’ve ever bought.

but I am looking for a good excuse…:grin:


Another 2 bottles bought today from Solihull M&S.
As a gift to other local society members I left the last bottle there!


Reckon there were 5 last time I checked, so they are slowly being whittled down.