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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


I know I am repeating myself here, commentating on another forum on the same topic, but Southport is hopeless for fine wine shops. In fact the few people who tried to open shops failed miserably, and yet we had some of the bargains. Clearly not as many as some but nevertheless I did get a few.

I only wish I had visited Formby and Liverpool because their selection is better than my home town.



Maybe as said in the other place, its because they were left on the shelf rather than brought. Whereas I’m pretty sure they were never on the shelf.

I think M&S grade their stores, and send stock accordingly. I know in both Ipswich and Chelmsford. I’ve been amazed at the wine range. As well as the casual jacket choice.


Never any of these bargains at the moderately-sized high street store in affluent Winchester either, where the wine selection is always poor.


I popped into the Bluewater store on my travels today. Nothing of note EXCEPT the Filhot… Priced at £22 rather than the £10.50 I paid a couple of weeks ago…


Did you find much in M&S in Newcastle Leah? I had a look in the local Gosforth one (five minutes from me but first time I’ve ever been in it!!), and there was nada of significance (I could spot with my untrained eye, at least).


I tried the one in the metro centre and all they had was the Chablis which I didn’t buy based on a review here. Nothing else though.


Still a couple of Margaux 2015 magnums left in my store @ £19. I now have three. Funnily enough the single bottles have gone back up to full price, which is £22 for a 2014.


Bagged a bottle of the Volnay yesterday in the Cheltenham M&S food.

Cannot find out much about this wine so no idea what its drinking window is. Any idea?


I couldn’t find much although i’m sure i saw somewhere it said from 2020

edit - it was on cellar tracker 2020- 2030


The unofficial guess, would be just about now on its fruit, but in case it has closed up a bit so who knows when its secondary period will be. 5 years?
JR compares it too 2005 which went “through a prolonged stage of chewy adolescence”.


Visited two stores today both of which had the shelf ticket for the SLB reduced to £5.66 but an empty shelf. On the plus side I did score a marksman 2015 rose at £12 (good timing for mothers day) and some darting estate TBAS at £7


One of the challenges of Hospices de Beaune wines is that one Cuvee can end up divided amongst multiple buyers who then have a choice of barrel type to have their wine matured in. Then add that you can choose between multiple “tenders” (ie growers or negociants) to look after and then bottle your wine and you have a serious potential for variation.

I have researched the Cuvee Blondeau a bit and the general opinion seems to be that it is typically one of the “firmer” Volnay Cuvees from the Hospices and takes time to come around. My best guess (and what I will be assuming) is that this needs leaving until at least 2022 possibly even 2025. Notes on other vintages (and different tenders) all point to this sort of trajectory in a good vintage.


That’s really helpful, thank you.

Looks like one to forget about for a little while then.


Just picked a couple Magnums up in Team valley, they were incorrectly marked as £40 but questioned them on it and agreed they should have been marked down :wink:.


Glad you got some. I am taking one round to my family’s Mother’s Day meal tomorrow. Should be interesting to see what it is like especially at this young stage.


Nothing interesting in the Haywards Heath M&S today. @Inbar I will have to pop into the Western Rd branch some time…


Good idea! The one in Hollingbury is good too, though last time I’ve been- there was very little left…
Didn’t know you were Sussex-based :+1::wink:


Thanks Inbar! Yup. Moved to Hove from Essex in 2004, then to HH when we bought a house…


Don’t bother, it’s cleaned out bar a couple of bottles of the hospices Volnay


Be interested to hear how it is. I sent a whatsapp to Mr.Leah offshore and he was most disappointed I didn’t buy the lot … looks like I’m returning on Monday :rofl::see_no_evil:!