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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


Grabbed one also. Thanks for the heads up!


£34 to £14. Still a cool £40 on Vivino


I don’t get what M&S are doing. So many of the discounted wines seem to be even more reduced than the actual price on the shelf. Picked up the above mentioned Lucien Lemoine / Hospices Volnay 1er Cru 2015, which is indeed on the shelf as £65 reduced to £43, but rings up at £29 on the till; but also they have a Maison de Tastelune (?Potel?) Santenay 1er Cru Gravieres 2012 at £35 reduced to £23, but rings up at £12.00. And, yes, you can then add on the £5 off £35 voucher they issued a few weeks ago.

Completely bizarre. And hopefully delicious…


Sadly I’m sure they will have sacked the software engineer and fixed the system by the time I return to the UK! :sob:


Having checked out the local (a very small M&S) where there was nothing, I tried the upmarket, posh M&S in a very good area… all the Volnay had gone (there’s noting quite so depressing as an empty shelf) and no Pol Roger (obviously not posh enough).

However, there were a few bottles of 2015 Brocard Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin at £11 - a third off the reduced label price. Also found the last bottle of the Filhot Sauternes at £10.50 - Yay!
Have also picked up the single Colheita 2002 Tawny at just one third off and finally went for a lovely Oloroso at a very reasonable £6. On those that were a third off and then have had another third knocked off, I just think they haven’t bothered updating the shelf ticket…


Yes all very variable. I was in central Birmingham yesterday and had a look in their big store. Nowt.


That store has always had a poor wine range.


My local M&S carries an ok range but not much if any ‘fine wine’.

Went to the posh one in Newton Mearns, picked up the Brocard Chablis for £11 down from £25 plus a couple of the Thymiopolous red and white with 1/3 off. Last bottle of Clare Valley Riesling at 1/3 off too.

Not a lot of top end burgundy/claret with reductions…unless of course it was reduced at the till but I didn’t get the chance. They had Chambolle and the Hospices de Beaune down to a mere £43…only one left. Had the Vins de Vienne Cornas 2014 down to £24 I think, but as I am stuffed with Rhone I passed on that.

Quite a lot of Rioja reduced by 1/3 - picked up a single bottle of 2013. The manager was being berated by an elderly Jewish lady who was most upset that they had reduced her favourite and it was all gone!

6 for £60ish.


Why is the religion relevant to the story?


Just an observation, as she was telling the manager at some length about how she had been recommending it to her friends at the synagogue and now she would have to tell them it was all gone! Quite amusing, as he tried to steer her to something comparable.


As a (not quite so) elderly Jewish lady myself - I would have done the same! You can’t let the Synagogue down!! :scream:


Which was more or less what she was telling him, poor chap. The synagogue is just across the road from the M&S in question…