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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


I passed on those in Tunbridge, mainly as I was buying so much other stuff but it’s also supposed to be an average vintage. That said I was sorely tempted and it could have been a mistake…


I’m gonna tuck them away for a few years if I can. 2013 seems to be well regarded for the Northern Rhône.

But yeah, there were plenty of other tempting options!


About 18 months ago I bought a bottle of KWV Cape Tawny from the Wine Soc. Very good reviews. Sadly it is no longer stocked. Much to my delight I bought a bottle in my local M&S Food for £7 (reduced from £10) yesterday. Also bought a 50cl bottle of Coteaux du Layon for £5 which will accompany the Roquefort on Sunday night. Should be a welcome change from the weekly d’Yquem!


Oh, how I’d love to get bored by the weekly d’Yquem!! :grin:



Well done Sir!
The Society listed and sold this Cote Rotie for £31/bottle.
It sold for £39/bottle in France.
It is apparently a 4* wine according to J L-L.
It’s drinking window opened in mid 2016.
You have scored!!


Just saw these three in M&S in Wimbledon this morning all 1/3 off. Might go back for the Gigondas (is the 2015).


Since this has become a general thread for M&S wines, has anyone tried their Margaux? It’s a rather generic looking bottle, shiny gold front label, looks from the small print that it comes from one of the Lurton clan, I think maybe Henri of Brane-Cantenac fame. No idea if it comes from leftover classed-growth barrels or bought-in grapes though.

Let me dig out a photo…

I’m wondering because our local branch has the 2015 in magnum for about 40 quid, and that year was such a belter for the southern Médoc that even a slightly nameless bottling such as this might be worth grabbing and tucking away for a few years.

Any experience of it?


I’ve had both the 2009 and 2010 - both pretty good. I think I got them for £20 each and they were good value at that price.


I knew they wouldn’t sell them all! It went down to £35 a few weeks ago, and now, at a clearance price of £26.66, I couldn’t resist…


And on a similar clearance vein. I just got this for £29.


Also in M&S? Wow


Funny how the shelf label says Volnay… while the wine is Beaune 1er Cru.


Yes that has confused me for the last three years whilst I’ve waited for it to go in the sale. Strange. They have even moved it and it’s still labelled wrong.


M&S have a number of things in their Wine Festival offer at the moment. I picked up some St Aubin 1er Cru and Chablis 1er Cru for £16 at the weekend, but they also had 1/3 off one of their meursaults (think it was down to £25-30ish) and a few other things on offer too. Worth a trip if you’re near one of their big stores.


My store has the festival discounts but some stores (again mainly S.E.) has some ridiculous markdowns.
Perrin Gigondas 2016 £9
Henry Fessy Coteaux Bourguignons 2017 £3.17
Paul Cluverr Riesling, mentioned above £13 to £4,
Ridgeview Marksman rose 2015 for £12 each
Plus Burgundies and more.

All above lifted from wine pages


Im off to M&S tomorrow then :woozy_face:


I went to my local M&S food store tonight - not a whiff of anything worth having…


My local M&S actually has the Volnay (2014). Priced at £43.33 rather than the £29 @JulianFox paid for the Beaune 1er Cru. Any thoughts on whether that’s a good deal for the Volnay?


In the one at Ellesmere Port tonight and they had the 2015 St Aubin PC at £11! There was also some 2011 Sauternes, classified, not sure what Chateau, full bottle @ £10.50.


Might be Chateau Filhot?.. I got it last year when it was reduced to £7, if I remember correctly - though that one was a 1998 one.