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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


That looks increasingly like a trip to my local shop…


It has to be worth a look as different stores do stock slightly different ranges so seeing one is not a total guide to what may be in your local M&S, they often have some of their online stock on the shelves.


I find it amazing the difference in ranges in each store given it’s all the same company! That said, it makes the thrill of the hunt that much better


Pontet Canet 2015 (was at £80 per bottle) is now out of stock as well…


They had this in the Norwich store, it was the only wine I purchased, though it says sold out online, it is the 2015 vintage at £14, so maybe worth having a look in your localM&S

bottom of photo cut off ? but it is the La Gille.


Click the image and you’ll see the whole label.


Merci beaucoup, sometimes with a long photo they fit sometimes like this they don’t, thanks.


Looks like a good spot. M&S Aylesford (yes, I have set a new record for M&S stores visited in one week) didn’t have any of those but did have something a bit different and interesting to try for the princely sum of £7


Might give it a go this weekend


I got this Shiraz in the main Brighton M&S today - don’t know why I went for it. Might be a recent chat with @winechief! :grinning:

Reduced from £13 to a mere £8.30… looking forward to checking it out!


They certainly didn’t have that in Norwich though they have in the past, when they do their Wine Festival it involves some leg work getting round the different stores.


Well, took the plunge and this arrived yesterday, as well as picking up a few bottles of the Volnay from a local store:


Sold out by 1st Sept. @ £147.40 a bottle.

Somebody please tell me what it tastes like?


My local Morrisons had a Chablis grand cru AND Chateau Giscours on the shelves in the ‘manager’s discount’ section a couple of years ago. Naturally, at their original price they hadn’t sold (Wakefield isn’t renowned for it’s high spending) so were at 60% off. This is something MSN seem to do from time to time - it was vintage champagne this year.

I have no idea what their strategy is … I suspect it might be simply that Sir Ken (who lives nearby) & the board liked quality wine and it made sense to buy it through the supermarket!


Sir Ken Morrison may well have had a taste for good wine, but he died last year !


Was tempted by the Leoville but couldn’t bring myself to fork out the :pound::pound::pound: (think my wife may have murdered me!)
Be interested to know what you think of the Volnay PC if you open one. I’ve purchased 1 along with 1 bottle of the HdB Meursault but plan to hold on to them for a while yet.


Also planning to hold onto all three for a little while yet and work my way through some older burgundies first, but will be sure to report back when I do get to one!


I’ve been checking M&S in Solihull for HdB to come down - still £65.

I’ve seen that Gigondas @Cerberus. as you’ve bought it, I assume a good buy!?


I bought a bottle of the Gigondas yesterday as I was in M&S. Won’t try it for a while but I’ve always found Perrin very reliable.


As Andy says Perrin though a large outfit do make very reliable wines.


Might also be worth checking in the 1/3 off section for these at £21.33 each. Just bought the last two in Yeovil:

The Rhône Rangers