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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


Just had an email from M&S, in their wine offers are several 2015 Bordeaux crus all discounted, I have checked with the usal suspects and the offer is a good one if anyone is interested, not for me though it is difficult to resist but after off loading it would be hypocrosy to start again, the prices are inclusive of all the VAT and taxes ie retail, this is a good example.

I should have added that despite the good price it could mean there is an awful lot of recent vintages sloshing about in dealers cellars, who knows.


It may just be that M&S are stuck with it and are trying to offload it. I always thought it odd that they even stocked wines like this as I cannot see why they thought they could sell them.

Who is in the market to buy wines at this level that thinks, I know, I’ll go to M&S to buy my Leoville-Las-Case or Chateau Palmer?

Surely those punters are buying wines like this from their wine merchants?


I bought a bottle of Pol Roger 2004 from M&S last week for £40… Every M&S I’ve been into since has the shelf label but nothing on the actual shelf… I think the word about really good deals like this (and the LLC, were it in-store) gets around v quickly via online forums and all gets bought up quite fast by people in the know rather than your average shopper.


I think they had a new buyer/approach to buying a few years back where they bought a decent amount of Bordeaux EP as well as buying a few barrels of burgundy at the Hospices de Beaune auction - there was an article that mentioned it in decanter earlier in the year.

Not sure what sales volumes are like, but as @MrNXM says, not a ure how many people would be buying these types of wines DP, young, and without the option of professional storage, but wouldn’t surprise me if that limits sales, especially as without the discount, their pricing is not especially competitive.


If you have a cellar don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I am not saying buy, simply pointing to what seems a good purchase if you are in the market for these wines, what does it matter who the source is, whether it is Lidl much praised on here or M&S it is irrelevant if the price is right, if they are off loading it would you ignore because it was M&S rather than B&B it’s the same wine, at the discount price it is very competitive the normal price does not come into it, I’m not buying simply showing what’s out there.
There are plenty of people on here who do have storage facilities at home.


It’s a competitive price right enough, but it’s not a fire sale. I think there is also something to be said for having a number of obviously quality wines available - they draw the eye of the connoisseur (it worked here, didn’t it?) who may in the end buy something else. For all we know, they may only have a couple of cases back in central cellar stock.


Interesting - I’ve seen a fair few Hospices wines in M&S recently. 2014 Volnay Prem at around £40 at the moment which seems pretty good at current rates

I find their list prices very steep but as mentioned above their offer prices can be very competitive


I’m not disagreeing with you. If the price is right buy it.

I’m just left confused by the M&S buyers strategy.

I hope it works though. I think the nation would mourn if they went bust which in the current retail sector is far from unthinkable. So everyone go buy a case of Leoville-Les-Cases. Sod it, buy 2.


M&S have been handing out the save £5 vouchers when you spend over £35 as well.
I’ve picked up a bottle of the 2014 HdB Volnay 1er that @NickP mentioned above for £38.33 (down from £65 list price)
Also snaffled a 2006 Taittinger Comtes BdB 2006 - £120 reduced to clear to £80 then 1/3 off that to £60 then my little £5 voucher = £55. I couldn’t resist! Young girl on the checkout said “oooh that’s a nice box!” - I just smiled and thought… yes, yes it is.


Ooh, where did you find that? I’ve been on the lookout, probably tried 5 stores now and none in stock. That bottle is £130 in Waitrose!


Ilkley… Tiny M&S by the train station and as I get the train everyday to Leeds for work I can’t help but pop in on occasions. Especially when I see the words WINE FESTIVAL!
There was 1 bottle left last night.


Bah, I’d spend the saving on fuel!!


Looking through the online offers a couple that I have checked on price and are good buys, if you like the wine, are, Cornas Les de Barcillants 2014 @ £24.00 and a Biondi Santi Castello di Montepo Sassoalloro 2012 @£30.00 there is also a Ch Marquis de Terme thats worth a look.


Today I am a very happy boy

(N.B. M&S in Norwich now no longer have the Comtes de Champagne in stock)!


That’s my M&S you greedy s… :disappointed_relieved:


Well done @NickP
Good hunting that has clearly paid dividends. £60 each?


I’m sharing with friends, if that’s any consolation (probably not)! I put a lot of effort in to find those

@winechief - yes indeed. Couldn’t resist a bargain like that as I’d already agreed to pick up a couple of bottles when I thought they were £90!


I’m there tomorrow, not interested in the Champagne really as I don’t drink it other than at a celebration, though that is a very good buy, but this store often has wines not listed and I have picked a few good uns over time, needless to say my opportunity to peruse the shelves comes under the guise of a new suitcase the wife wants though she wont get it in M&S, I have been very devious though I am sure she knows !
The Leoville has gone…


I picked up a couple of bottles, as nothing discounted really tickled my fancy, could not help but notice the amount of Champagne on offer, apart from the large hole made by NickP on that top shelf, the same in Waitrose at the moment, they must really be shifting some or the demand has dropped in favour of Prosecco and Cava, but if you are into Champagne there appears to be never a better time to buy.


I see I have left my mark…

That said, I was in M&S Food near Tunbridge Wells at lunchtime and they’ve just restocked (they’d sold out last week). Probably 10 or so bottles of the Comtes at £60 a pop. Interesting to see two packaging designs, one wood and one card. Same bottles inside though