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M&S Crazy wine bargains

Any left?

Were about 4 left on display at 2.30 this afternoon.

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First time in M&S for a month or so yesterday, and our local branch would rarely have the top range wines anyway (they have a CNdP and Meursault which is about all they have over £20).

They did have the Dry Oloroso halves though reduced to £4 a bottle, which I could not walk past without two falling into my basket.

Also had a German Eiswein from Pinot Blanc reduced from £40 a half to £13 or so. Had about a dozen of them…is it any good?


Nothing in Preston except 25% off run of mill stuff !!:frowning::frowning:

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Bath central still has some of the mispriced 2002 Colheita

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There’s nothing quite so disappointing as an empty space on the shelf where once stood a crazy M&S bargain with my name on it. Photo’s a bit blurry; it was £27 now reduced to £6. Someone bagged an absolute bargain!!


Central Brum. Still showing at 26. £6 at the till.

And some left.

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is the photo blurry through focusing with teary eyes ?!


Very perceptive! I was virtually sobbing at the terrible injustice of it all… :sob:


I’m convinced some marketing guru does a sociological and demographic survey before placing the bargains, or even what is on the shelves as routine. The difference between Hereford and Worcester is marked, with better selection always in Worcester. The same is true of Tesco. A well reviewed offer a couple of years ago never appeared here in Ludlow, yet I managed to pick up a couple of bottles in Newtown (Powys). The excuse is always that Ludlow is a small store, but that fails in so many counts. Hence TWS offers those of us away from large centres of population a better chance to have something decent without being ‘demographically managed’.


I suspect you must be right. Bath city centre is always much better pickings than Bristol Cribbs in my experience!

most likely going by previous sales of that item or those in its category

we have 4 co-ops within a short drive…the max value fo a bottle of red wine varies from (approx) 10.00 to 27.00 …thats knowing your market !