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M&S Crazy wine bargains

M&S Altrincham had a Frares Priorat 2016 for 3 quid a bottle yesterday. Down from 13.50 apparently; not tried it but nothing to lose at that price eh?


I’m usually a bit of a fizz snob, but the Steenberg with a drop of Chambord went down very well in yesterday’s afternoon heat. I mean at 83p a glass it seemed better than most cheap prosecco and basic cava. Might even buy another one!

I have two bottles going spare. Only £8 each :wink:

My last purchase from the current marks and spencer madness - 2 x 2002 Lustau Añada £5.25 and a 2001 Warren Cavadinha £10. The Warres was shown as full price £33 on the shelf marker but we all know that doesn’t mean a lot. Added to other recent purchases, that’s me sorted for about the next three years based on my meagre average level of port and Sherry consumption.


Not a reply re wine just an uncommon name connection! My full name is P. C. M. Wooldridge

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Nothing of interest for me today. A french Syrah had been reduced from £7 to £2.70 but someone had cleaned that out. No priorat.

Will try again Friday,

Which ones, (in your opinion)?

In the past 3 days I’ve enjoyed Charmat fizz from Glera (in Prosecco) and traditional method Fizz from Turbiano (aka Trebbiano aka Verdicchio Bianca) in Lugana. All delicious

I think the traditional method SB from Steenberg is super, so please leave it on the shelves if you don’t agree for those of us who do fancy it.

It’s just an observation based on my own (and obviously subjective) opinion. Tried a couple of fizzy SB’s and didn’t like 'em.

I do like good Cava, various cremants, some English fizz (champagne grapes and others) Love good Lambrusco and some sparkling shiraz as well. Had some good Xinomavro Rose fizz recently which was ace!

Quite possible that some SB sparklings are nice I just haven’t had one.


The Lustau - having opened a bottle - is a full on sweet sherry with an astonishing length of finish. Nice if that is to your taste but I’m struggling to finish a glass, and as a cooking sherry it can overpower. So I would not advise buying the last few on the shelf even at £5 each.

But - subjective opinion.

Indeed! But that’s the beauty of wine (and anything subjective, to that matter).

The 2000 Lustau I had last Christmas didn’t last long - and I’m the only Sherry drinker in the house :astonished:

It’s sweet, yes, but has a ‘kepowww’ acidity, and the complexity of the hazelnut/figs/dates/orange peel worked beautifully with cheese. Personally, I’m looking forward to the 1998…


I am very pleased to have picked up three bottles of the 1998 and a pair of the 2002!

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Thanks, Nick

We like still SB but before the Steenberg had only ever had one sparkling SB, also South African, which we also liked.

We also like Cava - though there are good and not so good there, and especially sparkling Chenin. Funny that when we started drinking, Vouvray (sparkling Chenin from the Loire) was just as, or even more, famous than Champagne.

Also get through a lot of Champagne but it saddens me that regions that have their own varieties are planting the same 3 grapes (PN/PM/Chard) to make a ‘me-too’ champagne look-a-like.

The reason that Champagne settled on those three varieties was for pragmatic commercial reasons, not that they made the best sparkling wine.

Funny enough one of the best champagnes I have had is the Laherte Freres Les 7 which has the 4 other varieties permitted in Champagne. Not that its in my normal price range though!

Loire fizz made from chenin is great.

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Just found 1 bottle of the Lustau Anada 1998 vintage sherry in Epping M&S. Marked on the shelf as 1/3 off at £13.33 but when I checked out it was charged at only £5. Bargain!


Just showed tremendous willpower in walking past a lone 2001 Cavadinha whilst food shopping :sunglasses:

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This thread is driving me mad! We don’t live near a M&S so when we’re in Winchester yesterday I ceased the day, so to speak. Zilch, nada, bugger all. Hardly any wine or spirits to talk of full stop, let alone unmissable bargains :tired_face:

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So you were in the Yeovil branch then!


Or could equally have been the Inverness branch!


Nothing but the sparkling SB in Cheltenham centre


M&S own label Vintage Port from a great vintage, Bath city centre. £6 a bottle (bought 3) was £27.