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M&S Crazy wine bargains


In many years searching for these elusive bargains I have never once found anything at all in any local outlets. Not worth the wasted time!


My haul equates to:

6 x Warre’s Cavadinha 2001 £10 each
1 x Justino’s 10YO Malvasia £5
1 x Lustau Anada 2002 £5

Missed out on the Tokaji and Barbaresco

Oh well, pretty happy with my lot.

Edit: Add
3 x Royal Palace 2002 £6
3 x Vintage Port 2007 £6


Now down to £4 a bottle …. crazy


in MK ?


Yep CMK. They have the Justino’s 10YO Malvasia as well, although it was marked as £18 I think rather than £5/4 that others have found - haven’t tried checking out to see if the marked price is wrong.


It was marked at £18 in Bristol but we paid £5 so worth a try!


thanks !


I don’t know whether to feel grumpy or relieved that there’s bugger all of this going on in Yeovil’s M&S :man_shrugging:

It’s probably for the best … especially if that Brunello thing really does happen later this autumn :open_mouth:


The not marking reductions thing is very odd - surely the point in reductions is to get someone e to buy something they otherwise wouldn’t?

I’d feel pretty cheeky taking something with no reduction label to tell checkout just in case


Might go and check a local M&S to see if there is anything, they are probably clearing space for the mince pies or something.


You ain’t kidding! My local Sainsbury’s is fully stocked with mince pies and other xmas-related foods. I just don’t get it! Are they trying to make us sick of the whole thing before it even remotely started…? :thinking:


Got lucky today, there was nothing on the shelves but I spied a box of the Lustau on a trolley, managed to bag a few and sent a lovely staff member in search of the Cavadinha … she came back with a box :wink::wink:

Silverlink, Newcastle.


Slim pickings for me but managed to bag the last bottle of the Royal Palace 2002 Colheita for £7.50 and Lustau Oloroso for £4 (my previous reduced bottles were £6). They had the Palo Cortado but that scanned through at the £9 shelf price so left it.


Looks like that’s your Xmas prezzy list sorted! I also bought a few Lusteau 1998 & 2002 … on opening, the 1998 is ok - in a ‘cream sherry’ kinda way. Amazingly long finish, VERY rich & sweet, typical burnt orange notes etc.


Popped in to the small Brighton shop today - got the 2001 Warr’s Vintage Port for £10, and the delicious 2014 Paul Cluver Late Harvest Riesling for £2.70!! Nuts! :crazy_face:

Edit: I should add that - like others’ reports- the Cluver was showing as its original price of £17… Glad I bothered to ask! It was also new stock, as there was none of it last time.


Exactly my thoughts :wink:


Worthwhile detour to Fosse Park tonight. I picked up six of the 2002 Colheita port for £6 each and two of the Madeira for £5 each. The shelf label still had the Madeira at £27 - well worth asking for a price check.


marked price was wrong - came up as £5
shelf now empty…


most importantly…did you get your little kitchen gifts ?


Aaah is that what they are ?? Haven’t given them to the kids yet :rofl::joy: